Passion for Work Extends Beyond the Ordinary

Jimmy Mistry
"I love the very concept of designing buildings; it is fascinating and extremely challenging. Moreover, I had an insatiable hunger for innovation and design and was always attracted to good things in life. We, at Della Tecnica design with an unsinkable passion, provoked by reference, inspiration and uniqueness and place a lot of emphasis on concept-based democratic designs; extensively researched and heavily debated; striving to enhance and uplift the lives of as many people as possible," says Jimmy Mistry, Chief Architect & Managing Director, Della Tecnica in an interview with Maria R.

At the outset, let us have the brief about the evolution of your architectural firm Della Tecnica, its milestone achievements and expertise.
I established Della Tecnica architecture and design firm 16 years ago in 1996 with a vision to offer some of the best designed structures in India, be it a residential complex or an upmarket office complex. The company has made its mark among the top architectural firms in India because of its constant endeavour to create something innovative and yet highly functional buildings, while remaining committed to sustainable development at all times.

Since the beginning of its existence, Della Tecnica has been operating at an award winning levels operating through five offices in India. Over the years, the company has grown to have over 2500 talented and experienced professionals, working diligently to offer a wide spectrum of services in Architecture & Master Planning, Interior Design, Furniture, Real Estate, Adventure, Resorts and Banquets, high-end signature villas, large residential townships and more.

Maple Woods Experience Centre

With over 75,00,000 sqft of Master Planning & Architecture spread across the country, the company has emerged as trusted advisor to some of the blue-chip clients of the country, combining localized expertise with global perspective effortlessly. It has stamped its mark in changing the way commercial complexes are designed and built across India. Many well-known corporate offices and commercial buildings built by Della Tecnica have become landmark addresses and are known for their elegance and style. The company has designed some of the top corporate offices in India, which includes, Star TV, MTV, UB Group, Religare, India Infoline, Adfactors Public Relations, Emerson Design Engineering Centre, L&T Finance, Black & Veatch to name a few.

Having most of the services available in-house, it works to the company’s advantage, as project execution becomes easier. The communication among different departments is streamlined well for smooth functioning of the teams. Projects are completed on time and are cost efficient. The team’s ability to integrate all these services as individual profit centres, yet coming together as a unified creative force is in sync with the demands of today’s fast paced work atmosphere.

Della Group, today integrates: What are the services provided by the practice?
We provide master planning and designing consultancy for high-end corporate offices buildings, hotels and residences, Architecture & Interior Design project undertaken on a turnkey basis, Furniture designing and designing real estate projects, besides building Adventure Parks, Resorts and Banquets, high-end Signature Villas and large residential townships.

Grande Exotica

What inspired you to study/practice architecture? What are the attributes needed to become a successful architect and interior designer?
I am not an Architect by qualification; I have done my mechanical engineering. I love the very concept of designing buildings; it is fascinating and extremely challenging. Moreover, I had an insatiable hunger for innovation and design and was always attracted to good things in life. So, I combined my qualification of mechanical engineering to this passion of designing in architecture. Seeing a concept taking shape in reality is one of the most satisfying aspects of this job.

What are the main determinants in the design process for you? Also elaborate on the design philosophy of your firm?
Design with an unsinkable passion, provoked by reference, inspiration and uniqueness. We place a lot of emphasis on concept-based democratic designs; extensively researched and heavily debated; striving to enhance and uplift the lives of as many people as possible.

Our designs should create awe or an element of surprise by silent story-telling, thus engaging the occupant or viewer in a conversation, developing scenarios that will lift people out of everyday and into an imaginative and creative mental world.

Being both an architect and an interior designer, do you think that either the fields are relatively independent or are they interconnected?
The two are most definitely interconnected. The moment you start making the architectural blue print of a building, you start imagining the interiors, the layout, the colour-schemes, the furniture, upholstery, and the little pieces of artifacts, paintings and other detailing. It is like one thing leads to another and until you have finished putting the last bit of idea in place, you are not satisfied. It is of little wonder that most architects also become interior designers and the entire project becomes your baby from start to finish. It is a complete creative process.

Architecture is seldom seen without the prefix sustainable; what does sustainable architecture mean to you and are you following the same in all your projects?
Sustainability is not just a marketing gimmick, but a hallmark of good architecture. If you have seen some of the old forts and buildings, they have all been built on the principles of sustainability and that is the reason why they are universally held as great works of architecture- following the principle of sustainability by building an outer area or verandah and courtyards to cut down heat gain inside the buildings, letting air circulate through large windows and cross ventilation, building double walls to insulate against excess heat or cold, studying the sun-path before deciding upon the incorporations of doors and windows and other such features.

Today, the same principles are being incorporated in modern buildings through modern technology and current innovations in architecture, designing and use of building materials, besides bringing innovation in lighting equipment, paints and other aspects of building.

We are committed to maintain our leadership in architecture and design and we follow the principle of sustainability in all our projects.

Della Tecnica

Going for green means investment of more initial cost; do you think in India clients are giving you the flexibility to spend extra amount on the project?
The investment is not exorbitant. With material now available easily in Indian markets, the cost increase only by 1- 3 per cent and most blue-chip corporate offices are conscious of green and sustainable principles of working. Their awareness levels have increased and they participate in the process of green designing and follow the principles of saving energy consciously. In most cases, they volunteer for green designing.

Please tell us something about the project Della Enclave in Lonavala, and its USP. As its phase 1 is already completed and sold; by when you should expect to complete the phase 2 of the project and what is its current status?
Well, Della Enclave’s second homes have an edge, in the sense its high-end luxury villas, besides being beautifully designed with careful attention to details in Mediterranean style of architecture, come with ready infrastructure of an Adventure Park to designed to engage visitors in 86 thrilling activities and a Five-star Resort which comes with a spa, a swimming pool, a banquet hall and four super-specialty restaurants from where dinners and lunches can be ordered 24X7.

So the residents have an advantage of not worrying about running a kitchen when on a holiday. They have variety to choose from the available variety of cuisines from any of the restaurants, and their time is well-spent as they can let their hair lose at the adventure park which offers more than 80 activities to keep them engaged in case they have an appetite for adventure.

In fact, at Della Enclave, we have pioneered a business model which is interesting and self-sustaining. We made the resort first and developed the villas later. The overheads of the resort get distributed among the villa owners as they are members of the resort and enjoy its facilities by paying small amount which are used for maintenance of spas, swimming pool and other facilities.