Ar. Parul Zaveri Abhikram

Ar. Parul Zaveri Abhikram
I believe that ‘architectural style’ should be a response to the various climatic zones in context of India, to be designed according to clients’ personalities and project needs. Each place has a plethora of creative solutions, that have evolved using local resources and techniques, which constitute the part of our architectural knowledge. It is necessary to achieve a balance between continuity and desirable change, without fossilizing the past, and without making the change incongruent with its contextual surroundings.

Our projects speak of a responsible architecture that evolves through contextualization of various aspects. Conservation of resources ought to be our primary guidelines in projects. We try to bring appropriate design solutions through clarity in identification of problems, selection of the correct tools, and their proper application. The design and construction process ensure freedom for creative inputs at all levels of participation from client to the architectural team and the artisans on site.

Achalayatan“Achalayatan”, Conservation and Extension of more than 140 year old colonial mansion, Tithal, Valsad, Gujarat

We believe in designing spaces, which, in their form, space and technology, reflect the continuity of Indian traditions. Since the past four decades, our sustainability-focused practice has attempted to re-establish the relevance of decision-making processes using traditional materials, technologies and crafts in contemporary contexts. Through our works, we try to increase employment generation for the traditional crafts persons and aim to promote traditional knowledge and wisdom. Our every design decision evolves with sustainable designs and built-environments which minimize the use of electrical and mechanical energies for human comfort within the buildings, and maximize use of bio-degradable, long lasting and re-cyclable materials. We look for local solutions to local problems from local resources. At the end, we try to achieve an experiential and healthy space for all our clients.

Tree of Life Resort and SpaTree of Life Resort and Spa, Kukas, near Jaipur, Rajasthan

Abhikram is a Sanskrit word for initiation. While exploring the design direction and design process, we aim to make the external and the internal environment, functionally, psychologically, environmentally and spiritually, more contextual, integrated and comfortable for the users.