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Ar. Reza Kabul
I believe in liberating spaces, not enclosing them. Every space needs to have a good optimum, be it a small sized apartment or large commercial offices. Every good designer analyses the plans from the client perspective, regarding practicality, functionality, and accessibility, before executing it. I don’t believe in confining spaces between four walls, on the contrary, I believe in open spaces, both for the interiors and exteriors.

It takes exemplary quality to reach elusive heights. The vision to rank among the topmost players in the world has fuelled and sustained our drive to deliver those exemplary projects which introduce customers to pioneering benchmarks in design aesthetics. The completion of prestigious projects in overseas markets further bolsters the track record of successes and credibility to deliver top-notch quality on time, every time. My constant endeavour remains to be counted among the topmost architectural firms in the world.

96 Legends Square in Colombo, Sri Lanka

One of the projects that defines our architectural style is 96 Legends Square in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Dedicated to the winners of the 1996 Cricket World Cup, the building facade is designed with a ball balanced between four bats to commemorate the achievements of the Sri Lankan cricketers with a signature residential and an Indoor Cricket Facility, Hall of Fame, Museum, observatory, and a Specialty Restaurant. Though 96 Legends Square appears to be a structure dictated by the form, the base of our design philosophy is focused on functionality. Standing at 383m it is 211m taller than the currently tallest World Trade Center (Colombo), marking Sri Lanka’s presence on the world map of high-rises. 96 Legends Square shall be to Sri Lanka, what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris, and the Pyramids are to Giza. In fact, a visit to Sri Lanka shall remain incomplete without experiencing the magnificence of 96 Legends Square.