Ar. Lalichan Zacharias Atelier

Ar. Lalichan Zacharias Atelier
My approach to design is simple and open. I start my design with two guiding factors: the requirements and the site. I would like to see the building grow from the site naturally while fulfilling the requirements. I try to keep it extremely simple and responding to the climate. Integration of nature in the built form is always given importance.
Round Chapel KalamasseryRound Chapel Kalamassery

Ar. Geoffrey Bawa’s works have always inspired me. Another aspect which influence my design is the sociological aspect of it. The building which we design should reflect our commitment to society. Architecture has the capability to tell the history of the period it was built to future generations. So, I think it is my responsibility to reflect the correct ethos of design during the period in which it exists.

Alleppy MuseumAlleppy Museum

In my design, I try to use locally available materials as far as possible. I am not fascinated by imported facade cladding materials to enhance the beauty of the building. My approach is to respect the context, and make the structure green and sustainable. I prefer painted surfaces with solids and void spaces, and architectural elements like pergolas, pillars, and limited glass areas, etc. I like to make use of modern technologies and we are also doing pre-engineered buildings (PEBs). My designs aim to bring ‘Happiness through Architecture’ to the ultimate users of the building.