Ar. Sourabh Gupta Archohm

Ar. Sourabh Gupta Archohm
I believe that the language and vocabulary of architecture is not a question about style. Every building is built for a specific purpose, in a particular setting, for a set of audience, and it is therefore intentional that we don’t impose any pre-defined visual form onto a project, rather let things emerge as the project evolves. There is a deliberate attempt to not make specific choices in our design directions.

As a philosophy, we try to work on projects that allow an element of experimentation. We play with form and space. To manifest a program, each form’s existence is validated in isolation and a more complex exploration is done that brings these forms together into closed and open spaces. This amalgamation is almost more important than the obligatory spaces and places.

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We play with light and volume. Areas in quantity have always been questioned and argued against volumes in quality. What light can do to enlarge and exaggerate a space has always excited us. We play with materials and their textures. This is where principles of the Indian context and its contemporary interpretations become clear. With no specific partiality to textures and techniques, the non-vocabulary is perhaps the evolving language. Unconventional materials with identifiable techniques, common substances with unexplored textures, all applied in unexpected yet customized contexts – bring in a degree of fun in functional spaces.

The design process is a negotiation between intuition and reason – the subconscious and the researched. We delay diving into final solutions as much as we can to ensure all constraints and possibilities have been considered holistically.

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The architecture in India today follows a typology that is either traditional or just contemporary, irrespective of the Indian context. In such a scenario, we attempt to make our projects examples of inquiries in contemporary Indian architecture - where architecture focuses on the issues of our time, reflects the moment we are building in, and for meeting the aspirations of our modern Indian society.