Ar. Shobhan Kothari & Ar. Anand Menon ADND & KdnD Studio

Ar. Shobhan Kothari & Ar. Anand Menon ADND & KdnD Studio
We constantly strive for simplicity of form and design. Our architectural style is a minimalistic interplay of lines, planes and volumes. We believe that beauty lies in the ability of a design to be explained through a few lines. We constantly explore the power of lines and their ability to shape space. We work intuitively to create spaces that are episodal and spatially engaging. The core aspects of scale and proportion in design are constantly debated upon to arrive at spaces that balance function and aesthetic.

The orientation of buildings and their resulting facades closely look at site forces, climatic parameters and tropical influences. We like to dwell in the modern with an eye on tradition and regional contextuality. The interplay of light and shadow in our spaces comes out of a design approach that pursues the inside-outside connect. Blurring of boundaries that separate indoors from the outdoors is a strong part of our architectural vocabulary. A marriage of architecture and landscape is critical to the success of our projects. While we love to explore new materials for architectural expression, the underlying parameters continue to be a sense of restraint and understated elegance. Architectural details are constantly worked upon to achieve a sense of clarity and purity of thought.

ADND & KdnD Studio

We believe that the success of design lies in the optimal collaboration between us and the client, to define architectural style and the design language. A good design is the result of a project brief being translated into a building that puts the end-user at the forefront.

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