Ar. Monish Siripurapu ANT Studio

Ar. Monish Siripurapu ANT Studio
The nature around us consists of divergent facets that can be aptly fabricated to alter the paradigm of Architecture and Design. Not only is it inspiring in terms of its organic forms but is also helpful in imparting us with a natural know-how of functionality. So, when Ant Studio came into being, I was convinced that we had to create designs that not only celebrated nature but blurred the lines between the built and the un-built. As a result, ‘Biomimicry’ emerged as a style that I wanted to take forward and establish while synchronizing it with the usage of technology.

The ‘Beehive’, one of our first completed endeavors which provided us with the required breakthrough, resonated with the very same philosophy. Highly congruent to the structure of a naturally occurring beehive, the purpose of this installation design was to introduce an eco-friendly alternative for air cooling. Materials used for construction included terracotta pots, which due to their innate quality, resulted in cooling the exhausted air when damped with a flow of water. When incorporated in the Deki Electronics factory in Noida, waste water from the generator set was utilized, and was successful in sustaining a cooler temperature to the area. We took this ideology and created yet another installation in the Serendipity Arts Festival, Goa; this time to act as an air purifier along with cooling! Coral, named after its modular format symbolic of a coral reef, purifies the air through a suction system along with establishing cooler atmospheres.

ANT Studio

Aesthetics and art, form a crucial segment in both the above mentioned projects. From having artisans as a part of the studio creating the terracotta pots in-house, to making sure that the structure is aesthetically pleasing; we have always tried to concoct a fine blend out with the three principals of our practice: Art, Nature and Technology.

I believe that a design reaches its zenith: only when it is composed with baroque artistry, efficient algorithm and nature’s vitality; circumscribed around the people who use it and who aid to create it!