Ar. Iqbal Chaney Chaney Architects

Ar. Iqbal Chaney Chaney Architects
Architectural design is an expression of an individual’s understanding and comprehension of the client’s need and demand, translating it into design and thereby establishing an individualistic style. This style, over the years, gets imprinted so strongly into the personality of the individual and the team that it gets hard to distinguish the two. The individualistic designs evolve into a statement and are marked as a style. The style of many great architects in the modern era has become the basis of new-age thinking, and having evolved over the years, it has transformed the way we perceive the basic elements that are incorporated into design. The very first approach is always scientific and research based.

Whether function follows form, or form follows function, is still a point of discussion. At Chaney Architects, we have tried both these principles. We have enjoyed creating forms to carry out the functions, as well as the function that dictates a specific form. In either case, the result is a representation of our philosophy. Whether using an FRP screen facade to reduce the solar heat or provide curtain wall glazing for a clean modern design, our approach to design is a representation of our thought process. We try simple elements that are in harmony with nature. We believe sustainable architecture is and should be an integral part of any good architectural design.

Clover hills plazaClover hills plaza

Pristine yet functional elements in our projects are testimony of our design approach. We integrate both outside and inside spaces seamlessly, in fact, our interiors are an extension of the exteriors, thus creating balance. We introduce the theme of nature in our healthcare projects to assist the healing process; this is depicted in the form of prints and colors on wall coverings, etc.

Super Speciality interior SPETSuper Speciality interior SPET

There are challenges in every project. Overcoming them with a good functional design requires a level of integrity and honesty of approach. Although we value the use of technology in our profession and acknowledge the considerable difference it has made, we fear that overuse of technology may cause us to lose out on exchange of ideas. This is because we are subconsciously drawn to pre-formed ideas and ready references. There is tremendous pressure to perform in a limited time frame thereby losing out on individual creativity. This is the biggest barrier to original thinking.