Vikas Gandhi
Influences of construction technology.
Influences of construction technology is not limited to from global to India but also within one region of India to another. Dwindling away of local artisan skills, availability of newer materials and migrant labour lead to a different form of construction technique, which invade the vernacular architecture of a region. So, influences are not only the cities which house inter-regional people, but also in the smaller towns where vernacular architecture had stronger roots.
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Technologies help to augment expression and construction.
Architecture is always conceptualized first in the architect’s mind, which shall remain the most important tool to design. Technologies help to augment expression and construction. However, complex built forms have been constructed before the arrival of these technologies, for example, Antonio Gaudi’s work.

Available material and skill make for eco-friendly architecture.
Materials are not necessarily traditional or modern, but rather what’s more important are if they are local or imported because that is what makes it critical for sustainable architecture. The right merger of available material and skill is what provides for a resilient and eco-friendly architecture.

Region-specific systems of construction have always existed in India.
Modular construction has always been a good practice. It’s something that provides for logical structure, speedy work and sound aesthetics. It is not something new to India as region specific systems of construction have always existed. This knowledge has been with the craftsmen who have come together and built one of the beautiful buildings in the history of India.

The challenge today is the idea of the new and where it comes from. Rather than new, what is critical is to understand what is true. We should look forward to architecture which is true to a place and culture.