Ar. Harish Tripathi, Id. Jyoti D Tripathi, Architect Harish Tripathi & Associates

Ar Harish Tripathi Id Jyoti D Tripathi
Ar. Harish Tripathi, graduated from GCA, Lucknow in 1993. After working with renowned Architect Satish Gujral, he set up his architectural and interior design firm; Architect Harish Tripathi & Associates (ARHTA) along with Interior Designer Jyoti D Tripathi in 1997.

Jyoti, a gold medalist in Interior Design from the South Delhi Polytechnic, did her in agricultural engineering and MBA in marketing from Allahabad University.

Their New Delhi based firm, ARHTA is involved in a diverse array of projects comprising Institutional, Commercial, Residential, Industrial & healthcare architectural and interior projects, in India and abroad.

Ar. Harish Tripathi is inspired by the works of Architects Charles Correa and Geoffrey Bawa. He says, "The phenomenon of how a person experiences spaces is what inspires me the most. I believe spaces speak for themselves. They have an impact in the minds of people. Architecture is not a static phenomenon; it has layers which reveal themselves deep within spaces."

Working with Architect Satish Gujral, he was inspired by the ease with which he handled projects, and how he integrates Architecture and landscape design as one. "He considered landscape as a part of the building, not as a separate entity, and the built mass as a natural extension of the site." Simplicity in architecture combined with monumentality is also something that has stayed with him.

Ar. Harish Tripathi, is inspired by the green building movement, but feels that Indians by temperament have already been doing so. "We believe in recycling our materials, and our buildings have been responsive to climate and environment. By nature we love to conserve."

Indian Architecture he believes, is inherently climate responsive, by catering to various climatic conditions throughout the country, architecture has evolved and grown subject to natural conditions.

Interior designer Jyoti D Tripathi's design philosophy reflects boldness and simplicity. She says, "The best things in nature are simple, not complicated." She made Ar. Harish's complex design approach to a simpler one.

She says, Holisticism is the key to success. "All elements of a design, no matter how small, are important and make a difference to the final product. A hierarchy of importance should be created and no element can be neglected." She believes that "God lies in the detail" and pays attention to every aspect of the project. "Every aspect of a project has some importance, how small it may be."

Architect Harish Tripathi Associates Project

Doing a Masters in Esketics made a lot of impact on Ar. Harish Tripathi's thinking process. The philosophy propagated by C.A. Doxiadis, says there are five elements which are important to any development; i.e. Nature, Man, Society, Shell (Built Mass) & Network (From Roads to wireless). His design philosophy and approach are now more humane and responsive to these factors, which are central to his designs.

"The only thing constant is change, and architecture relies largely on the context of these factors, as the context changes, so does the architecture."

Talking about his most special moment he said, "a client at Kurukshetra associated with the Gayatri Parwar surprised him by asking him to lay the foundation stone of the project. "It was a humbling moment for me."

The duo on being awarded by Indian Concrete Institute for EPFO project in Bhopal, by the Rotary Blood bank of Noida for their Blood bank project, and receiving an 'Honour for Excellence' by Russian Centre of Science & Culture, say " We have been very fortunate to receive such accolades, in recognition of our work."

Looking ahead they say, "We look forward to designing more spaces which are beautiful inside and out, and we continue to follow our professional ethics and integrity towards projects and the profession.