Ar. Sony, Ar. Mathai, Ar. Lalichan, SML

Ar Sony Mathai Lalichan

"In design, SML believes in Louis Sullivan's thinking,- "A proper building grows, naturally, logically and poetically out of its conditions."

SONY MATHAI LALICHAN, established in the year 1984, at Cochin, has completed 30 years of their journey in architectural practice. It is a partnership firm with three architects, Ar. Sony Joseph, Ar. Mathai Mathew and Ar.Lalichan Zacharias. They handle projects like hospitals, hotels, resorts, residential apartments, museums, schools, IT Parks, etc. mainly in Kerala, with some in Mumbai, Delhi and Lakshadeep. Recently the firm is commissioned for 2 projects in Sri Lanka as well. Sony Mathai Lalichan has received many Awards for their various projects.

Ar. Sony graduated with B.Arch. from the University of Kerala (1981-82), from CET and has 34 years experience in design and supervision of multi-storied office complexes, hotels, swimming pools, auditoriums and residential buildings.

Ar. Mathai Mathew is the topper of B. Arch., Degree of the University of Kerala in 1982-83 from CET, has 33 years experience as an Architect including a year with Charles Correa, Bombay as Junior Architect.

Ar. Lalichan who is also a first rank holder for the Thesis of B.Arch. Degree of the University of Kerala, 1983-84 - from CET, has 32 years experience in the field. Currently, he is the member of the Expert Committee formed by M/s. Council of Architecture, New Delhi for inspecting and certifying the Architectural Schools in India. Currently he is the National Jt. Hon. Sec., of Indian Institute of Architects.

The major breakthrough for the firm SONY MATHAI LALICHAN was winning the design for the 'PAPAL PODIUM', when H.H Pope John Paul visited Cochin in 1986. Since then Sony Mathai Lalichan Architects have designed several Institutional buildings, Seminaries, Churches, Restoration of Heritage Buildings, etc.


Explaining the importance of Architecture, they say, "Architecture impacts how you feel every day, which isn't surprising considering how much time we all spend in buildings. Buildings impact our health and our well being. If you have ever felt depressed while sitting in a waiting room with low ceilings and harsh fluorescent light, then you will know the power of architecture over our psyche. Buildings can have a big positive impact on the people who depend on them."

According to them, "Architecture has the power to stitch individuals into a community and energize forgotten corners of our Urban Fabric. Communities use Architecture to plant a flag and rally together. Catalysts can be youth centers, religious buildings, libraries. Regardless of its use, Architecture is a potent tool for encouraging the act of community. In the face of cataclysmic natural events, architecture is often the first line of defense and can harness nature to empower inhabitants. Today we need an Architecture that addresses nature in all its forms."

SONY MATHAI LALICHAN Good Design Solutions

They say, "If you are in the process of designing a good building, forget about what you want the building to be; instead ask, What does the building want to be?" A design problem has to be addressed on its own terms: the needs of the client, the nature of the site, the realities of the building program and many others. Good design solutions are not merely physically interesting, but are driven by underlying ideas. Without underlying ideas informing their buildings, architects are merely space planners."

The changes in technology impacts our building materials and in turn our buildings. Emerging technologies look beyond the hammer and nail to imagine a new way of constructing. At the end of the day what matters is the happiness of those people who enjoys the space created by us. If they are happy we consider that as successful Architecture.