Ar. Kunal Barve, Interface

Ar Kunal Barve

Architecture to me is "Journey with a story that has a simple narrative and includes sensual aspects of our experiences."

Interface was founded by Architect Kunal Barve in the year 2004 after qualifying architecture with Honors from Mumbai University. (B.Arch. – Bachelors of Architecture).He is an architect with distant global and artistic sensibilities that rises above trends and customary design concepts. Architecture is not an individual task; it is a result of a complex team effort. Form, proportions, style are all elements that hold up this space together in time, material and context.

While talking on the current architectural trend, he says, "The trend is at parallel with tech-era and clients want to use the latest technology, yet stick to their roots, conserve nature, be green, and eco sensitive. I see the current trend as an amalgamation of old with new, in sync with this tech-era. At Interface, we continuously strive to create architecture that is regionally sympathetic, well grounded in context and community of its place."

Ar. Barve adds,"Our visual culture is not limited only To build our form; in addition to building form we include Nature, paintings, art, installations, film and advertising. We work hard with stubborn freshness, unshakable Lightness and optimistic attitude, to learn from past and to imagine a different and better future. Interface has become known for designing projects of exceptional materials and quality, with a strong conceptual basis derived from specific needs and aspirations of each client. Architecture and Interior stages relationships between people, objects, spaces and places. Not only does it reveal existing affinities and connections in the best cases, but it also creates new ones.

Kunal Barve Office

On getting inspiration and ideas for his designs, he reveals, "For me, there is an unexpected spark of inspiration that happens with every project. It could happen after meeting clients and understanding them, what they want, hearing them out. My inspiration can be from a movie, art, farmers market, sculpture, ethnic shops, anything, there is no fixed set of ideas or formula. Inspiration can be found anywhere you look."

He says, architecture to me is not only skewed, twisted or sculpted buildings or installations, but buildings that are highly functional, environmental friendly, sensitive in context, energy efficient, but still are undeniably creative and exhilarating spaces. Our design philosophy-luxurious, understated, stylish, unexpected, practical, attention to detail and clients’ needs are primary.

On his happiest moments, he talks about his Willingness to work on projects which redefine the basics, Constantly evolving design and striving to meet expectations With meticulous attention to detail, but all this seems totally worth When the project comes together, with a contended smile on the Clients face.