Raghvendra Bisen, RBA

Ar Raghvendra Bisen
Raghvendra Bisen an architect with more than 19 years of professional experience leads RBA team in creating standout structures combining elements of aesthetics and efficient functionality. Under his leadership, the firm has transformed many value propositions into experiences from various design projects.

Born in 1971, Raghvendra Bisen studied architecture at the Govt. College of Architecture, Lucknow and in 1995 graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture. In 1998, he had set up his own firm RBA (Raghvendra Bisen Architects) and has designed projects that range from Independent Villas to Group Housing, Commercial & Corporate Offices, IT Buildings, Retail Spaces, Mix Use Developments, Educational Institutions, Shopping Centers, Business Hubs, Industrial Estates across India – thereby engaging diverse issues, multiple constituencies and varying scales: from interior design and architecture to green buildings and planning.

Since its inception, RBA (formerly Aayam) has evolved as a multidisciplinary practice and provides professional services in Master Planning, Architectural Design, Urban Design, Interior Design, Project Management and also comprehensive turnkey consultancy under one roof. The team at RBA, comprises highly motivated and creative professionals, who strive to produce sustainable designs which are aesthetic, innovative, practical and keep in mind the social and economic issues.

Mr. Bisen says, "Our firm is characterized by creativity, high energy and a unifying team spirit. Additionally, we are dedicated to creating and maintaining a cool workplace where we want to be and we continuously work at becoming better and better at what we do. We adopt good management practices while striving for excellence in design, planning and construction. Our firm is also known for timely delivery within prescribed budgets."

RBA approaches each design assignment with an open mind and extensive programming, focusing on the strength and opportunities that the context presents. The designs are a balance between innovation, functionality and technology and are inclusive of the existing situation making them visually appealing and sustainable. RBA regard sustainability along with the client's needs as a vital part of the design process thereby reducing construction, operation, and maintenance costs. The client and end-user is always an active part of the design process. The firm's design philosophy is rooted in the belief that design is essentially a problem solving process. Accordingly, its design teams adopt a multi-disciplinary, collaborative and participatory approach to rigorously identify and analyze design problems.

Raghvendra Bisen RAMNAGAR

According to Mr. Bisen, "Any appraisal of green buildings should consider their benefits not only to the environment, but to the residents as well. Climate responsive architecture creates better indoor environments by allowing more natural light, fresh air circulation, optimal use of space and suited temperature."

He explains the misconception regarding the cost of Green building, "The popular belief regarding ecological building is that it is much costlier than conventional buildings and unaffordable to the mainstream. The evidence suggests otherwise, however, as seen in a study conducted by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development that showed the true cost difference between green and conventional buildings to be around 5%."

In the planning of an environmentally sustainable building, strong considerations are given to maximizing the building's energy efficiency and to reduce the energy expended throughout the construction process. "It is a little-known fact that the construction industry is one of the world's greatest contributors of greenhouse gases, and is the source of 50% of the total carbon dioxide emission in some countries."