Gaurav Chopra, HKS India

Gaurav Chopra

"Good design has the ability to transform a business organization. We partner with our clients to bring services in a process that the world knows as its best in context to the local cultural environment."

Growing up in north India, Gaurav spent a lot of time on construction job sites – from hospitals to schools to industrial buildings. The reason? Both his grandfather and father owned and operated construction companies. "You could say construction is in my blood. I paired my interest in construction with my passion for drawing and set my sights on a career in architecture," says Gaurav.

Today, he is pairing his ability to think globally and act locally as Managing Director of HKS India. He says, "I believe we are raising the design industry bar for our clients in several ways thanks to our global, digital highway. We are able to deliver projects in context with the unique business and cultural needs of India and the surrounding region, while thinking globally in terms of design and process. The bottom line: Clients are able to deliver their project faster, better, leaner, and at lower costs."

With 15 years of experience in advanced planning and project development, Gaurav has successfully led a diverse client base in South Asia and the U.S. During the course of his professional years he has cultivated an analytical approach towards successful delivery of projects within restrictive frameworks set by restrictive budgets and timelines. Gaurav continues his mission to streamline the business process of design and make our clients' project delivery more sustainable using an integrated project delivery approach.

He has worked on multiple projects like DM Aster Medcity, Kochi; Apollo, Nasik; Fortis, Chennai; Parkway Mumbai; Ananda Luxury Resort, Maharashtra; Embassy ONE, Bangalore; Kaiser Permanente, California; University of Washington, Seattle to name a few.

HKS DM Aster Medicity

According to Gaurav, "Change Design matters in the world of business, especially under current economic influences. From the balanced scorecard to core competencies, organizations are on the lookout for ideas which will allow them to keep one step ahead of the competition. As a design professional, I'd like to keep pace with ideas that are shaping the daily agenda of global businesses in healthcare, hospitality, aviation, sports, and entertainment."

He adds, "Forward thinking and inspired by the concept of reverse innovation; it is my privilege to work amidst a confluence of design ideas that exist at several offices of HKS around the world into the dynamic business environment of India. Hopefully, we are able to embrace the perfectionism of automobile and aviation manufacturing into ‘Design and Construction' of our healthcare, hospitality, and sports buildings in India."