Ar. Amala Sheth, Metaphors

Ar Amala Sheth

"We explore every aspect of the symbiotic relationship between form and function, the metaphysical relationship between mind and matter and strive to achieve a perfect equilibrium between the art and science of Architecture, Environmental Design and Interior Design."

Born in 1961 in Mumbai, always ambitious, Ar. Amala Sheth's interests swayed from scientific studies across to various Arts, as a youngster. Dabbling variously with music, dance and theatre, these experiences defined her thought process.

During her early days at school and junior college, learning Hindustani classical music in Mumbai was a fascinating experience, embodying not only the richness & purity of tradition but also of philosophy and culture. It was here that she met some students of architecture "with whom I spent a lot of time and watching them meticulously bending over the drafting board for hours, creating form out of space. That was the time I realized I wanted to study a subject that was a synthesis of both the sciences and arts," says Amala.

The similarity between music and architecture was striking, both involving the creation of something spectacular around a basic framework. Going forward from Junior College at Elphinstone in Mumbai, she joined Sir J.J. College of Architecture in 1979.

After graduating with a B. Arch. degree from the prestigious institution in 1985, she had a short stint with Ar. Hafeez Contractor in Mumbai, followed by Chandavarkar and Thacker in Bangalore. Amala moved from Mumbai to Pune, in 1989, to start her own practice as an independent architect and this is when Metaphors was born with partner Anand Bhagat.

Metaphors Interior Design

Metaphors has garnered, over the last 25 years of relentless hard work, a strong and motivated team of architects and interior designers in a firm that accepts nothing but perfection. With over 35 architects, interior designers, civil engineers and a fully equipped 3D modelling team, the firm is a melting pot of constantly mingling ideas and inputs, that range from the arts, sciences and architecture to the more intangible topics like psychology and economics.

Over the years, Amala and Anand worked hard to establish a very strong and visionary presence not only in Pune but across the country. "Our expertise ranges from projects in the IT sector, Industrial, Commercial Infrastructure, SEZs, Institutional, Healthcare Campuses, Hospitality, Commercial etc. It is this very diversity that keeps us so energized and passionate. The ever changing dynamics of each sector provide a constant challenge," says Amala, adding, "Through the design of millions of square feet of architectural and interior spaces, what has been constant throughout, is our conviction towards bringing sustainability and culture into the very basics of building design. We believe in embodying not only the richness and purity of tradition, but also of philosophy and culture."

She avers, "Metaphors has been our contribution to defining architecture. Every project has been a journey to create something beautiful, to celebrate and engage. We constantly question ourselves, push our boundaries and build on the foundation of a rich experience. Our philosophy has always been defined, and has become a reflection of us. We have found our countenance in being honest to this conviction."