Ar. Utkarsh Kothari, Kothari Associates P Ltd.

Ar Utkarsh Kothari
Utkarsh Kothari, Director, (Kothari Associates P Ltd, Connaught Place, New Delhi, India) hails from a family of architects who has created some of the most iconic buildings that grace the landscape of many Indian towns and cities. Immersed in an environment where the craft was both a topic of conversation and inspiration, Utkarsh knew from childhood that his life's work and ambition would be fulfilled by nothing else than being an architect.

Architecture is not just a profession, but a passion to be pursued. At the heart of this passion is an aesthetic for design. Utkarsh's design sensibilities have been honed over several decades. From a young age when he accompanied his father and grandfather to the office and spending time with the staff working on the drawing boards, his perception of space, and eye for design began to develop. This interest in design dovetailed into the construction of models and tinkering with drawings. The family encouraged Utkarsh to follow these natural inclinations and study architecture at Vidyanagar.

After successfully completing his degree, he went to Boston for his post-graduation training. At Boston, he worked with various architects and polished his architectural skills. The experience expanded his horizons as he had the opportunity to apprentice with top architects in their fields. He returned to India determined to put into practice both his education and practical experience. He joined the office full-time and began his career officially in India.

Utkarsh's philosophy is simple and direct. Each space he plans and builds must work efficiently for owners and occupants. It must be built in time and within the specified budget. Every project must satisfy its economic goal even if it is a public institution with minimum profits. It must make an aesthetic contribution to the community. He respects the neighborhood he builds in by designing in harmony with what was there earlier. He believes that the unique functional needs of each client must shape the design. Each plan must be fitted to meet the complex of local conditions & desires and at the same time reflect the continuous advancement of technique and knowledge. Utkarsh has designed and executed projects for a wide spectrum of clients, and continues to fly the family flag while upholding the standards of excellence that have always been a hallmark of Kothari Associates. From hospitals and universities to entire townships, Utkarsh continues to follow his passion, for him architecture continues to be a fascinating exploration.