Ar. Sunil B. Patil, SPA

Ar Sunil B Patil

"We strongly believe that the architecture is to create spaces, which shall not just satisfy the functional needs of the users, but shall become their companion in sharing the unforgettable moments in their life."

"Harmony with Nature - By instinct, man likes to be with the nature. His body his mind responds better to the nature than manmade spaces. There is nothing better than nature that relaxes the man and keeps him healthier." Ar. Sunil Patil has always believed this and has been practicing for last 25 years with this philosophy.

Graduated from Kolhapur, he started his practice in 1994 as Sunil Patil and Associates (SPA) and since then has designed more than 375 versatile projects across India, which includes residential and commercial complexes, industrial buildings, institutional blocks, residential and corporate interiors, etc. He has also delivered various lectures and slide shows in Architecture, invited by IIA and IIID. SPA is dedicated to environment friendly sustainable architecture and to bring client's dreams and aspirations into reality.

Ar. Patil is of the opinion that the Architecture is not just an artistic creation, but it also has to function and the function has to be prime objective of any Architectural creation. He believes that the architecture shall belong to the geographical location, the culture, the climate and the era in which it is built. His designs stress on using vernacular material in a contemporary style, which he calls 'The Contemporary Vernacular Architecture.'

Determined to become an Architect since his childhood, Ar. Patil says, "In Architecture one has to be very pragmatic and careful, as it is not like other creative fields, where one has a liberty to go wrong and discard his creation. The Architects creation is an inhabited structure and has to warrant the function for which it is designed. I strongly believe that Architect has a great social responsibility, as Architecture is such a profession that Architect's mistakes affects not only the user, but also affects the environment, the society and ultimately the earth."

Tall House SPA

Ar. Patil has won many National and Regional Awards including: The Indian Institute of Architects Awards – National Award – Excellence in Architecture in industrial category for Winery at Akluj (2012), IIID-MK – National Award –Winner for Interior+ Architectural Interiors for Residence in Solapur. (2008), Durian Society Interiors –Outstanding Contribution to Architecture Award (2012), Artist in Concrete Awards – National Award – Industrial Category for Winery at Akluj (2014), Indian Institute of Architects (IIA) Maharashtra Chapter - " Excellence in Architectural Profession and Education" Award (2013), IIID-MK – Regional Award - Winner for Interior+ Architectural Interiors for Residence in Solapur (2008), The Indian Institute of Architects Awards – National Award – Nomination for Institutaional and Landscape category for VVIP Circuit House Pune (2016), NDTV Awards – National Award – Nomination Landscape category for VVIP Circuit House Pune (2016).