Ar. Sanjay Arora/ Ar. Sanchit Arora, Renesa Architecture Studio

Renesa Studio
Renesa Studio and architectural & interior design consulting firm based in New Delhi, is led by Sanjay Arora, Principal Architect & Founder, along with his son Sanchit Arora, Studio Head Architect. Renesa Studio has partnerships with industry leaders who include landscape specialists, contracting firms, furniture manufacturers, etc. The added benefit of these partnerships is that Renesa ensures on-time and on-budget completion of projects.

Sanchit Arora holds a bachelor's degree in Architecture from Sushant School of Art & Architecture, Gurgaon, Educational Scholarship Programs from AA school of Architecture, London, and Politecnico Milano, Italy. He has won top honors in the University and Dean's List for his thesis on 'The Shadow Spaces'- an architectural look at the existing cremation spaces of New Delhi. He was also winner of the 'NASA THESIS of the Year', NDTV Students Awards and Jury Commendation for the Best Thesis Project, amongst others.

Sanjay Arora

While the basic planning of spaces has to be always simple and logical, but for their ambience, the architect should always try to create something different; this will ultimately lead to innovation. As there's always going to be a better way of doing the same design, we as architects need to be hungry for new solutions" - Sanjay Arora

Sanchit Arora

The best way to move forward in designing a space is to critique your own design after every step. To quote Henry David Thoreau: Since most of us are going to be doing ordinary things in our lives, the most important thing is to do those ordinary things extraordinarily well" - Sanchit Arora