Ahmedabad Hotel, Gujarat

Architects : Studio Symbiosis
Location : Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Partners : Amit Gupta, Britta Knobel Gupta, Vandana Sehgal (Hon.)
Site Area : 6860 sqm
Built-up Area : 24,000 sqm
Completion : June 2015
Seamless waves flowing on the landscape and flowing on the façade are the focal point of the design proposal for this full service five star property. Designed as an iconic building, the proposal looks at interweaving the concepts of waves in nature, fold lines as movement trajectories, and perception along with programmatic requirements.

The idea of creating a design with soft subtle touches and imbibing a sense of elegance has been instilled in the proposal from the creation of the form itself. The different functions in the building with different programmatic requirements are blending together thus resulting in this iconic building. The building comprises three waves which are very carefully translated into dramatic key spaces on the lower floors, and on the upper floors they translate into room grids with focus on standardized room sizes.

These waves emerge effortlessly from the landscape creating a sense of harmonic relationship with the ground. The profile of the building has been designed with keen emphasis given both to the smooth transition from the horizontal landscape to the vertical building and to the standardization and repetition of the façade components.