Supreme DURAprotector
As the membrane-based waterproofing is gaining credence in the country, the need of manufacturers for protection boards for waterproofing membranes too is increasing. Membrane protection boards are now being increasingly used as a permanent protection to most waterproofing and damp-proofing systems. Membrane protection board enhances the effectiveness of waterproofing system. They also absorb the impact of aggregate shock and provide protection to waterproofing membranes from damage, by backfill or construction traffic.

However, one should be careful while selecting the membrane protection board material to ensure that it is compatible with built-up damp-proofing and waterproofing membranes. It should have superior impact resistance, tear resistance, and stress cracking resistance, and should not crack, break or shatter when handled roughly.

Supreme Industries’ high-performance membrane protection board DURAprotector is widely used in the Indian construction industry. DURAprotector, a protection accessory to be used in damp-proof membranes, is a polymer-based, high density, semi-rigid, closed-cell product that offers excellent cushioning with better load bearing. As it has a closed-cell structure, there will be negligible water/water vapour absorption. Its resilient quality ensures that it does not deteriorate even in saturated conditions. It is tough, strong, durable, and occupies minimum storage space. It is easier to handle with lighter weight and performs better than thicker boards.

DURAprotector is chemical- and alkali- resistant in nature and is also compatible with construction, smooth brick, and block work. It is also compatible with liquid damp-proof membranes and self-adhesive damp-proof adhesives. It can ideally be used to protect waterproofing membranes and liquid applied waterproofing membranes in horizontal and vertical applications.

MGS Architecture October 2016

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