Euphoria Shower System

Grohe Euphoria Shower System
A pleasant and relaxing shower can be a true moment of bliss, and even more so if the entire shower set-up is perfectly matched to the user's personal preferences. GROHE offers a wide range of shower systems catering to all needs and expectations. For all those who want to treat their body to an all-over indulgence, for those who want to upgrade their bathroom visually and functionally, and for those who want to forego the difficult decision between overhead shower and hand shower because they simply want both.

Euphoria System is the GROHE product catering to the needs. Euphoria System is a combination of modern, contemporary design and functional excellence – uniting GROHE DreamSpray® and GROHE TurboStat® in one entry-level product. The aesthetic has been skillfully reduced to ensure perfect proportions and consistent geometry, while the coordinated hand and head showers enhance the visual appeal and celebrate water.

The system delivers all the benefits of a fully customized system, including a thermostat, head shower and hand shower. The 160 mm head shower can be swiveled to the optimum position and is supplemented by the award-winning Euphoria hand shower. Both showers present our luxurious Rain spray, identified by extensive consumer research as the most used and appreciated of all available spray patterns.

MGS Architecture November 2015

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