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With a proven track record of giving world class products and service to Indian market, Saint-Gobain's CertainTeed Shingles is emerging as the most preferred roofing option for sloped profiles. Also being offered by Saint-Gobain is Vinyl Sidings which truly compliments Shingles.

As India embraced sustainable world-class architectural practices, Saint-Gobain responsibly catered to this move, by introducing the ultimate roofing product which has every feature an Architect and a house owner would aspire for – Roofing Shingles.

Shingles is the most popular roofing product for sloped roofs in North America and most parts of Europe. CertainTeed, a Saint-Gobain group company in USA specializes in manufacturing Shingles. Through CertainTeed, the product Roofing Shingles made a foray into the Indian Market in the 2003-04. Since then, it has received a warm acceptance across the country by all the sectors.

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Shingles are composite of reinforced fiberglass and mineral stabilized, high grade asphalt. They are overlaid with high strength ceramic coated granules, below which is a mineral stabilizer cum fire-retardant coating. Their entire composition comes in the form of mats. They can be suitably laid on RCC slabs, wooden decks, fiber-cement boards etc. The roof substrates on which it can be applied include steep-slope/curved/arched/conical/dome-shaped roofs.

CertainTeed Roofing Shingles

Saint Gobain Roofing Shingles
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CertainTeed Roofing Shingles offer a strong technical performance without compromising on the aesthetic appeal. On the technical front, CertainTeed roofing shingles are lightweight, flexible and unbreakable. They are easy to install and their application ensures 100% waterproofing. They offer resistance to wind, fire, algal growth and virtually require no maintenance.

These attributes have positioned Shingles as the most preferred product for retrofitting projects and 'light-weight constructions' alike. They carry a lifetime warranty making it the epitome for sustainable and innovative products. To cap it all, it comes with Saint-Gobain's stamp of quality and trust.

On the aesthetic front, Shingles come in a variety of alluring patterns and colors. From slate-mimicry to scalloped profiles, rugged-wooden look to tapered pattern, Shingles are available in different profiles. In each profile, there is wide range of colors to choose from, often leaving the users spoilt for choice.

Hence, apart from niche aesthetics, CT shingles are also being preferred for their value of money features like 100% waterproofing, durability, etc.

The India Journey-braving the odds

Since their advent in the Indian market, CertainTeed Saint-Gobain has tirelessly overcome many challenges to establish itself as market-leaders. From introducing the product through a nation-wide product awareness drive and setting-up a motivational dealer network, CertainTeed Saint-Gobain has left no stone unturned in offering a quality service to the customers.

The company boasts of a full-fledged team of engineers and trained applicators, with marketing personnel spread across the country in all major cities. The applicators undergo a year-round classroom and on-site training for efficient product installation. A dynamic dealer network is set up that covers all parts of the country. An active customer care cell ensures all the needs of the customers are immediately addressed. The project sites are regularly audited for quality and perfection.

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Milestone Projects-the result of dedicated quality service

It is their persistent efforts, emphasized towards unfailing product performance and quality installation, that stemmed in bagging renowned projects across the country. Their project portfolio includes, the new Assam legislative Assembly Building at Guwahati, township projects of Aamby Valley and Lavasa, gated-community projects of reputed builders in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and many other Indian cities.They have also executed many individual and celebrity homes, university buildings, resorts, farm and beach houses and many religious (Temples, Masjids, and Churches) places as well. Not surprisingly, they have a very satisfied customer-base which has enormously benefitted from all the above exercises.

New Endeavors-introducing innovative wall-cladding product

Following the success of Shingles and pioneering themselves as market leader, CertainTeed Saint-Gobain has introduced one more product to their existing range-Vinyl Sidings.

Vinyl Sidings

CertainTeed Vinyl Sidings is a zero-maintenance product for external wall cladding. They come in the form of panels (8 inch x 12 feet wide) in different profiles and shades. Their application ensures 100% waterproofing and an aesthetic appeal. Sidings are resistant to wind, fire, and cracking. They are UV resistant and anti-color fading. Due to their strong technical performance and appealing aesthetics, Vinyl Sidings are quickly catching up as the most preferred choice for wall-cladding.

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