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Ashok NinanAshok Ninan
GM - Sales & Marketing Monier Roofing
Monier Roofing, world renowned in roofing solutions, has always been unique in bringing to its customers a complete roofing system rather than only roofing tiles. This roofing system has roofing tiles as well Roof system components that make pitched roofs perform better.

Apart from providing water tightness and adding beauty to a home, a roofing product should also be able to make the living space inside the house comfortable for the people to live in. Our Monier Cool Roof® system does just that. The pure aluminium coating on the heat reflective layer laid under the tiles, reflect the radiant heat of the sun. This heat is then carried away by the cool wind entering from the eaves area in the roof. A Monier Cool Roof® reduces the temperature inside the house by upto 10°C (this may vary from region to region) in comparison to a conventional roof. A customer can really feel such a temperature difference achieved inside the house and also since the load on the air conditioning system comes down considerably, this helps in a reduction in energy consumption.

This system comprises Concrete roof tiles (in Elabana or Plano profiles), Radiant Barrier underlay foil for Heat reflection, Compact roll to cover the ridge and hip area and Eaves Filler comb for the eaves.

Using the roof to stay cool

Roofs can be given on site treatments and finishes with overlays, or radiant barriers, to improve insulation. Harnessing solar energy, while keeping out the heat, is also an option. You will be comfortable, save on energy bills and most likely cut on roof maintenance effort and expenditure.

For Flat roofs

  • Paint or tile them white to encourage heat reflection.
  • Create a false roof with something as simple as grass/leaves or the sophisticated insulating tiles
  • Paint less frequented tiled roofs with solar reflective paints
  • Backed by efficient water proofing and weight distribution, take your garden to the top.

For Sloping roofs

  • Overlay your concrete roof with tiles for the double benefit of a traditional façade and a air packed insulation layer.
  • Extend the roof to create shades for the walls and windows

MGS Architecture September 2013

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