The Intense Matt Finish wall tile collection
Somany Ceramics Optimatte

Beautification of walls has come a long way and tiles pave that way by offering a classy backdrop. Optimatte wall tiles from Somany Ceramics are the latest in this category. Somany's intense matt finish tiles live up to the above statement by spreading out the sophisticated, subtle yet glamorous ambience. These tiles come in a wide range of rich and deep hues, marble, and stone finish, accentuated by an extraordinary satin surface.

'Optimatte' wall tiles exude a sense of elegance and grace, making the ambience livelier. In line with the latest trend these are available in size, 300x600. Optimatte range is available in rich intense colours like Green, Blue, Yellow, Cotto, etc. combined with intricate designs thereby creating a space that is rich and elegant. It optimizes and enhances the living area, while keeping the surroundings calm in muted tones.

Different matt patterns and visual effects have been created by using innovative punches. It mainly focuses on marble and stone patterns where punches are well defined and precise.

Special concepts have been created like Artline for abstract artistic look on walls, Bloomberg for flowery backdrops, Forestic for rustic feel, Mejestic for grandeur on the walls, Merry for clearly defined prints of everyday products like a tea-pot, Mezze and Naos for reflective effects in whites and greys and a lot more.

They are increasingly being sought to define the ambience of living spaces, not just in homes but also in offices, hotels and commercial complexes. Technical advancement in its production has offered numerous varieties, in look and feel, to choose from. Optimatte wall tiles fashionably blend style with everyday usage conditions and transform walls into well-designed backdrops.

MGS Architecture October 2015

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