Mccoy is an architectural engineering organization with end-to-end capabilities to develop modern structures and bring to life unique imaginations. With intense capabilities in designing, production and installation, backed by its te‎am of highly qualified and vastly experienced specialists; McCoy has been at the forefront of discovering new applications and innovating traditional ones to meet the changing needs of Tensile Membrane Structures, Temporary and semi-permanent clear-span demountable Te‎nt systems, Spaceframes, Façade Systems, Architectural Steel Structures, & Skylights,.

Tensile Membrane
McCoy Architectural Systems has been at the forefront of bringing tensile membrane architecture to life. Merging world-class expertise and finest resources from around the world, the company specializes in both, bespoke design-and-build applications as well as pre-designed and engineered 'off-the-shelf' structures.

Mccoy Tensile Membrane

McCoy's Tensile Membrane architecture offers the potential to create spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and complement the natural environment.

Application Areas
  • Atriums Roofs
  • Ma‎ll Roofs
  • Car parks
  • Events & exhib‎ition
  • Amphitheatres
  • Facades
  • Sta‎dium roofs
  • Arts & sculpture
  • Walkways
  • Canopies
  • Iconic buildings
McCoy alliance with RÖDER HTS HÖCKER GmbH, a leading industry innovator, has enabled it to draw upon almost half a century of experience and knowledge in the te‎nt industry. RÖDER HTS HÖCKER GmbH specializing in design, manufacture and supply of temporary and semi-permanent clear-span demountable te‎nt systems.

RÖDER HTS HÖCKER GmbH tents are perfect for events, hospitality venues, sports, warehouses, defence, and trade stands. These structures are supplied in numerous different sizes, shapes and designs. The design characteristics include fully interchangeable components, which can be used throughout the various different design options available. This enables ease of handling, ease of storage, ease of transportation as well as provides the user speedy assembly times.

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