Anvi Solitaire Luxury Surfaces

Anvi Solitaire Artecraft
Artecraft's ANVI SOLITAIRE is an exclusive innovative international material used for creating surfaces providing perfect light distribution with highest luminosity & colour intensity owing to the incorporated Swarovski crystals. Produced either in marble or wood using high-grade resin, the Swarovski crystal studded Anvi Solitaire can be used as exclusive medallion in most of the flat surfaces such as tabletops, floors, wall hangings, etc. With Anvi Solitaire, luxury translates into individual, authentic designs; each enhanced by uncompromising quality, yet providing simple, sophistication, and genuine comfort.

Anvi Solitaire Swarovski Crystals
Anvi Solitaire is the reflection of the true love between natural materials (wood & marble) and Swarovski Crystals. Since each design brings forth a chance to tell a new story, the designs at Articraft are always evolving. For transforming imaginations into reality, both – marble and wood – options require a 3-5mm layer of cured resin to secure the crystals in place. The crystals' arrangement comes in standard or custom designs with standard tiles containing regular rows and columns of crystals or crystals randomly scattered across the surface, recessed into the tile. Alternatively, the shape of the tile and the pattern of crystals can be customised to create bespoke surfaces following the specifiers' imagination.

Utilising techniques developed in-house by Artecraft, the marble (or wood) is milled using a CNC machine, studded with crystals, coated with resin and then vacuumed to remove any bubble. Available in myriad colors, effects, shapes, and sizes, crystals from Swarovski offer designers a fabulous palette of inspiration, and are produced according to the innovative, lead-free Advanced Crystal standard. These precious ingredients impart refined glamour to everything they embellish. Anvi Solitaire can be recognised by the 'Crystals from Swarovski' label, which serves as a certificate of authenticity and provides a unique identification to products made with genuine Swarovski crystals.

Artecraft Luxury Surfaces

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