Designed to be completely unobtrusive while complementing the interiors and providing users with convenience, security, and energy efficiency

Havells Home Automation Solutions

Havells India Limited, a leading Fast Moving Electrical Goods company, has in association with a leading automation company HDL Automation, has launched Home Automation Solutions under its premium Crabtree brand. The system is designed to offer customized automation solutions to residences, commercial buildings, hotels, and the public utility sector.

At homes, the in-built sensors alert the homeowner in case of fire, gas leakage, intrusion/security breach and theft. It also allows the owner to control devices such as lighting, climate, drapes, AV, music, security, etc from within the house or remotely from far off places. In the hospitality industry, the automation provides luxury and convenience to guests by enabling them to operate all devices from anywhere in their rooms with a click of a button. In the commercial/government sector, the user can operate street and traffic lights from a central location, and thereby minimizing human dependency.

From traditional wall switches, to the user's iOS/Android devices, the Solutions are fully compatible with the most common smart home apps like iRidium Mobile, Throne BMS, and Demopad for a truly customisable automation experience.

"The entire range can be controlled from elegant DLP panels, or Android and iOS devices. This control can take place not only in the home, but from anywhere in the world. The technology is designed to be conveniently hidden from view but the control panels come in a variety of colours, styles, and finishes to suit any decor," informs Manishi Sengar, Business Manager – Automation & Controls, Havells India Ltd.

The automation industry is being driven by four major parameters: convenience, style, energy efficiency, and security, thereby enhancing consumer lifestyle

A spare iPad can be used as a wall-mounted touch-screen panel using the Crabtree Smart Living in-wall iPad mount. This gives a stylish and familiar interface, which can control all the automation solutions.

Says Vivek Yadav, VP, Havells India Ltd, "Automation has found new relevance in today's fast paced lifestyle. Not only does it make lives more comfortable and stress-free, it provides home-owners access to their homes, such that they can control lights, appliances, monitor children and elderly people remotely via mobile apps."

In the initial phase, the product is being launched in Delhi-NCR, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Pune, Ahmedabad, Cochin, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Chennai, where the company is conducting campaigns to raise awareness of its Home Automation Solutions amongst builders, architects, consultants, and specifiers. The company is targeting premium builders, luxury homes, star hotels, and large corporate offices. This is not surprising considering the system's high cost (Rs.40,000 - Rs.50,000) for a single room which can go up to Rs.3 lakhs for a 3-bedroom apartment (not including wiring and installation). Builders who install the product will definitely get an edge over their competitors. According to the company, large commercial buildings and offices can enjoy almost 40% energy saving by using the product.

Havells has also introduced a comprehensive range of Simple Wireless solution for existing home owners; it can easily slip into the home's Switch Back-Box and connect quickly to the existing wiring. In the offing is a Home Automation Solution that can be retrofitted. According to Sengar, "This will open up a wide opportunity for residential projects that have mass home-owners."

Havells boasts of the largest number of Experience Showrooms network in India, and claims to be the first organized company in India to launch Wireless Solution for mass coverage. It has a seamless integration to third party systems such as BacNet, DMX, iRidium etc, and a dedicated sales/service team. Trained system integrators work in coordination with builders and architects during the installation process.

"The launch of Crabtree integrated automation and control solutions will go a long way in addressing the needs of India's rapidly evolving urban infrastructure, where technology forms the bedrock of all operations. As the Indian economy picks up momentum, we expect strong demand from developers/commercial users as well as individual home-owners, who are looking for classy, efficient, and technologically advanced products and this demand is further expected to rise with the Government's focus on Smart City Project," adds Yadav.
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