Zela Lighting Products
Schreder's Zela is a compact indirect lighting for visual comfort. This modern luminaire is characterised by its distinct flat and conical diffuser. Made possible by incorporating led technology, this compactness is coupled with a careful design that harmoniously integrates both functionality and finish. For instance, the fins on the base section add certain elegance by continuing the flow of the pole.

Zela emits a pleasant, low glare light, making it perfect for architectural spaces. Available with symmetrical or asymmetrical light distributions and 8 lumen packages, the zela luminaire offers a flexible and cost-effective indirect lighting solution for the creation of ambience.

Zela's housing is made of powder-coated die-cast aluminium, and its canopy is of plastamid, while the flat conical protector is made of polycarbonate. It comes in white colour, while other colours can be supplied on request.

  • Low glare thanks to indirect lighting
  • Available with 8 lumen packages ranging from 2,000-6,000 lumen
  • Symmetrical light distribution for general area lighting or asymmetrical light distribution for the lighting of roads and streets
  • Up to 87% savings on energy and maintenance
  • Delivered pre-wired to ease installation
  • Integrated surge protection 10kV (optional)
Types of Application
Residential streets, Squares and pedestrian areas, Parks, Car parks, Bike paths Dimensions & Characteristics
Designer: Michel Tortel ZELA00 (ZELA) Length (mm) 578 Width (mm) 578 Height (mm) 324 Weight (kg)** 4.9 Tightness level * IP 66 Impact resistance* IK 08 Electrical class* Class I or II Aerodynamic resistance (CxS) 0.054m² * According to IEC-EN60598 and IEC-EN62262 ** Average weight. The max weight is +/- 10 % more but for the exact weight according to the configuration, please contact us.

  1. Thermix® (for long lasting performance)- The thermal management of LEDs is crucial for a luminaire's reliability to maximise effectiveness and maintain flux over time, several parameters are optimised:
    • Thermal compartmentalisation between the LEDs and the control gear
    • Direct conduction by minimising the path between the heat source and the outside
    • Optimised design of the external heat exchange surface
  2. Future Proof: Smart Upgradability since LED technology is constantly evolving; both the photometric engine and the gears can be replaced at the end of the LEDs' lifespan to take advantage of future technological developments.

MGS Architecture May 2015

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