Alien Group of Companies (AGC), being an ISO 9001:2008 BEE certified company is engaged in manufacturing of energy efficient products and in taking out energy efficiency measures to save energy for over fifteen years. AGC operates in business areas of energy efficiency, energy audit, luminaries, lighting electronics, automotive and special lighting with energy saving potential up to 70%. The company is also manufacturing the LED lights and always tries to make the best quality products in LED technology.

AGC Energy Efficient Lighting
Sustainability is at center of Alien Energy strategy and hence, the company believes that energy efficiency provides attractive benefits and endless new 'Never – Before-possible' lighting solutions. Alien Energy is committed to reduce its environmental footprint in all aspects of its business in the products, manufacturing, procurement, as well as in the communities where the company acts and in the working practices of its employees.

All the AGC products are manufactured using premium quality raw materials and the most advanced machinery and go through an eco-design process, identifying environmental impact in terms of efficiency and hazardous substances. Besides, the company has been consistently working with industry bodies such as ELCOMA, ISLE, BEE, MNRE, ISI, and NGOs towards addressing and tackling India's power crisis through endorsement and promotion of energy efficient lighting in India.

AGC provides advance energy-efficient solutions for all segments: Street lights, office & Industrial Light, Hospital and home lights. The company's all offerings are appreciated and recommended all over the world for its durability, long-lasting performance and easy maintenance. So far, the promoter of energy saving system has to its credit of catering to over 5000 customers in Govt., private sector MNC's etc.

Alien Energy has an in-depth knowledge of executing Energy Efficiency projects without any investment through ESCO route which is a new concept having WIN-WIN for customer, implementer and for nation. Through this route, the country can save a huge amount of energy without any capital and operational expenditure. For better customer understanding, the company also provides live demonstration of technologies to save energy.

Moreover, AGC also takes a leading position in educational programs, showing that energy efficient solutions are simple, easy and actionable and make economic sense for national and local governments, businesses, schools, and individuals.

MGS Architecture August 2013

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