K-LITE Giraffe pole
K-LITE surface mounted GIRAFFE pole, integrated with Hamal/Jamal luminaire is an exclusive choice of designers for city beautification lighting. It is designed for flexibility in the contour of arm, height, overhang and multiple arms.

Giraffe pole is continuously tapered and has two stepped spacer with conical top to accommodate multiple lighting arms. The lighting arms are slide fit on swaged mountings. The lighting arms are braced with aesthetically contoured plates, which can also display the monogram/names. The tapered polygonal pole, stepped spacer and conical top with swaged mounts is auto welded and hot dip galvanized, both internally and externally with 80 microns coat as per IS 4759. Specially contoured lighting arm is made of heavy duty GI pipe and swaged on top to accommodate Hamal/Jamal luminaires. The mating portion is stepless and sleek.

The complete pole is treated with Zinc Phosphate penetrating primer and finished with polyurethane based Premium Coat with choice of colour. The pole is supplied with necessary foundation bolts and nuts for normal soil condition

Hamal/Jamal luminaires, suitable for mounting on a Giraffe pole, is a compact, integral type, Hamal cut off type lighting system using 70 to 400 watts Metal Halide lamp suitable for E27 and E40 base. Jamal cut off type lighting system using 70 to 250 watts Metal Halide / High Pressure Sodium Vapour Tubular lamp suitable for E27 and E40 base. The luminaire allows adjustment of the whole luminaire assembly in the horizontal plane to match the lighting distribution requirement. The luminaire is IP 65 protected. The body is made of die cast aluminium with seal-safe toughened glass diffuser. The control gear assembly is accessible through the bottom cover with hinged arrangement. The anodised reflector is a specially designed one for ensuring high photometric performance.

The luminaire is complete with all accessories and suitable for operation on 240 Volts AC and comprises of following:
  • Heavy duty copper ballast, Low loss type ATCO (Australian make) / BAG Electronic (German make).
  • Super imposed ignitors ATCO (Australian make) / BAG Electronic (German make).
  • Step brand capacitor to IS 1569 for power factor improvement.
  • Loop in Loop out arrangement suitable upto 4 Sq.mm cable with WAGO German make terminal blocks.
  • The gear tray completely wired with heat resistant cables.

MGS Architecture November 2012

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