Decorative Lighting Poles
K-LITE industries, a unit of 'Kumbhat Group', an ISO 9001 certified company, is situated in Chennai. The company, after crossing the Silver jubilee year has been steadily growing in the manufacture of electrical luminaires, marketed under the brand name K-LITE and has an exclusive range of outdoor luminaire as a standing testimony to their commitment to innovation, quality, durability and proven performance. The company which has the expertise to manufacture 'custom built' luminaires, is fully equipped with 'in-house' fabrication as well as 'testing facilities' and the products are tested for performance to relevant standards. The illumination laboratory is fully equipped to international standards.

K-LITE entered into the export market during '91 and several of the luminaires and decorative lighting poles were exported to Russia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Vietnam, and Tanzania in recent years.

Sharmila Kumbhat

"We are the trend setters and have proved our mantle by the introduction of a whole range of outdoor luminaires. Quality is the hallmark of our luminaires. We respect the environment and Green Lighting for a Greener World is our mantra," says Ms. Sharmila Kumbhat.

Explaining the company's presence in wide application areas, she informed that we have a complete range of indoor and outdoor luminaires to operate with a variety of lighting sources such as LED, Induction lamp, FTL, CFL, T-5 lamps, High pressure lamps like Sodium Vapour, Metal Halide. We have also exclusive luminaires for specialised applications. Most of the ICF coaches in Railway and the Metro Coaches are provided with our Saloon luminaires. Integration of decorative poles with application based luminaires is our added strength.

The luminaires cater to Retail Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Street Lighting, City Beautification Lighting, Landscape Lighting, Hospitality Industries, Ports / Railways / Metro / Airport Lighting, Architectural Lighting, Memorials and Monuments, Yard Lighting, High Mast Lighting, and Wind- Solar Hybrid Lighting.

Being located at Chennai and with a motto to serve the whole nation, particularly with a major market share in the northern part, the company plans to start a new production plant in Madhya Pradesh and in Jaipur.

Electrical Luminaires

According to Ms. Sharmila Kumbhat, even before the concept of energy efficiency was talked about, we introduced energy efficient electromagnetic ballasts in all our luminaires. When the energy saving lighting sources such as Compact fluorescent lamps, T-5 lamps under the fluorescent lamp category were introduced, we tailored our luminaires to the usage of these sources and contributed to energy saving. Similarly, with the introduction of LED, which is a lighting source under Green category (due to absence of mercury), we now offer almost the entire range of luminaires with LED instead of other sources such as High pressure lamps, FTL / CFL lamps. We had organized the Light Show 2014 during February 2014 with the theme as 'Green Lighting for a Greener World.' "We wanted the theme to reflect the necessity of the present and also create an awareness among the public that choice of luminaire, has a major role to reduce the pollution. This could be achieved through the green luminaires which use solar energy and LED as also the energy saving luminaires which use less energy and hence less contribution to pollution," she said.

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