Century’s Magik Power House LEDs for Retail sector
Power House LEDs available under the company’s Magik Light range are designed for lighting up retail outlets, showrooms and warehouses which use high watt CFL lights. The LED bulb is lightweight, of unbreakable material, and available at the price of CFLs. According to the company, mid-range retailers face problems with CFLs which can get damaged as they are made of glass. The LED replaces high watt CFL bulbs of 45W and 65W, and comes with a 2-year warranty as compared to a CFL which comes with 6-months warranty. A 27-watt Magik LED is equivalent to 45W CFL at `600, and a 40W Magik LED is equivalent to 65W CFL at `800. It does not contain any mercury, which makes it eco-friendly.

MGS Architecture August 2017

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