Anchor Electricals – A Panasonic Group Company has recently augmented its portfolio by adding three new series of LED lighting solutions for ceilings – Large, Compact, and Pendant. With the expansion of its range, the company aims at growing its presence as one of the country's leading LED lighting solution providers.

Large Ceiling Lights

Anchor LED Ceiling Lights
Anchor recently introduced its range of Panasonic Large Ceiling Lights which simplify maintenance by eliminating the need to replace burned out light bulbs. They reduce lighting waste and demonstrate incredible energy savings. The light emitting surface is evenly bright, unlike conventional lamps which are dark in the center. These lights also add to the aesthetical appeal of the room.

  • Ceiling lights illuminate the ceiling around the fixture, brightening the entire room
  • Colour tuning and dimming via a smart remote
  • Power consumption 66W, input Current 0.3
  • Bulit-in LED/ Built-in power supply unit
  • Silver frame with decorative crystal glass
  • Life of light source 40,000 hours
  • Wall switch control
  • Remote control adjustments
  • Luminaire lumen efficacy: 71.21m/W

Compact Ceiling Lights

Anchor Compact Ceiling Lights
Anchor's new range of LED Compact Ceiling lights are the simplest to maintain and offer incredible energy savings. Manufactured using the stellar Panasonic Lens Technology these effectively light the entire room illuminating the area surrounding the fixture as well.

  • Power consumption 19W, Input current 0.17A
  • Built-In LED/ Built-in power supply unit
  • Acrylic cover
  • Center decoration
  • Life of light source 40,000 hours
  • Equivalent to a 32w FCL fixture
  • Luminaire lumen efficacy: 72.6Lm/W

Pendant Ceiling Lights

Anchor Pendant Ceiling Lights
Pendant Ceiling lights by Anchor not only light up the whole room, but they are also a great way to show off the style and design element in our homes. They reduce lighting waste and demonstrate incredible energy savings. Anchor lights by Panasonic have a wide selection to help you fit your space, style and lighting needs, and create that design statement you are looking for.

  • Power consumption 5.5 W, input current 0.05
  • Build-in LED
  • Chrome finish body with cut glass decoration
  • Life of light source 40,000 hours
  • Equivalent to 60W incandescent lamp
  • Luminaire Lumen Efficacy: 47.4Lm/W

MGS Architecture October 2015

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