Sauerland Door Concept
Indians Need To Stop Their Obsession for Timber Filled Doors

India is a unique country which utilizes timber batton infill in the flush and skin doors; a primitive process, discarded globally many decades back.

We must say goodbye to India's obsession for timber filled doors. Everyone may be aware that the concept of recycling wood/timber scrap as an infill in doors is no more a reality as the saw mill operations are getting smaller with reduction of timber availability and on the other hand there is an explosion of construction due to the rise in housing needs all over India. More than 12 lac trees every year are required to feed the infill needs of over 100 lac doors each year. We are not even considering the replacement market which is even larger.

Realizing, the bare facts and non sustainable practices, other countries have already switched to eco-friendly infill boards like the tubular boards which are made 100% from recycled wood wastes. These filler cores have already been in use in 77 countries worldwide since the last 63 years. We should also change... It is too late already.

The tubular infill boards are an eco-friendly and green product initiative replacing the 80% of timber used internally as door infill which dramatically improves the performance of the door in following manner:
  1. Sauerland Sound Reduction

    Sound Insulation: Extruded tubular and solid boards offer a wide range of sound insulation results for light-weight construction as well as high-end solutions.

  2. Sauerland Fire Ressitant

    Fire Resistance:The board being produced by extrusion method, the particle direction is predominantly vertical to surface which in case of exposure to fire provides a low rate of burning. Sauerland offers full support for safe fire door constructions.

  3. Sauerland Hard Impact

    Construction:The density in solid areas i.e. walls of board is high 520 Kgs/m3. Further the arch principle as in case of construction of dams or bridges gives high impact resistance.

  4. Sauerland Thickness Precision

    Thickness Tolerance:Critical thickness tolerance of +/-0.1mm in the board gives rid of telegraphing as the calibrated board gives a beautiful surface finish and a good bond between the skin and the board.

  5. Sauerland Weight Reduction

    Weight Reduction:Tubular boards as an engineered product ideally suit light weight strategy, value feeling in handling the door and high technical performance.

  6. Sauerland E-1 Emission

    E-1 Emission:The only Filler board available in India meeting the Formaldehyde emission norm making it suitable for indoor use.

  7. Sauerland Climate Stability

    Straightness:The tubular structure also helps the door to maintain straightness under climatic variations.

  8. Sauerland pefc logo

    PEFC Certified:Save the tree for reducing climate change. All our products are certified with PEFC and upon request by FSC.

  9. Sauerland Sound Reduction

    Swelling in thickness:Almost zero thickness swelling in Sauerland board compared to flat pressed board which expands in thickness causing stress on skin bonding and in cases even rupturing the door.

Sauerland Plywood

"Very few people in India know that Sauerland infill board has been in use by the door industry for 63 years as a timber substitute for infill material having withstood the test of time over six decades and in use in over 77 countries which means it has global acceptance. It is reasonable to say that it is much older in use than the timber baton filling common in India in the flush door industry."

MGS Architecture April 2015

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