Century Ply Exteria

CenturyPly® has successfully established its innovative and sustainable range of exterior grade compact laminates through Exteria™ in the Indian building material market. The brand offerings are targeted to residential, commercial, hospitality, industrial and production spaces in varied building exterior cladding requirements. Besides façades, ExteriaTM panels have a multitude of applications like fences & rails, soffits, louvers, canopy, awnings etc.

Research and development is a continuous process at CenturyPly® to upgrade its product, offering a high degree of design freedom. With a seamless network of 5 regional distribution centres and 33 branches, Exteria™ assures a smarter delivery and services when compared to international brands. CenturyPly®'s local manufacturing facility in India ensures a strong logistics support that makes it easier to meet project deadlines.

Considering its distinctive properties like high impact resistance, low toxicity, colour stability, shade uniformity, overall durability and exclusive range of shades & designs, it can be ascertained that ExteriaTM panels are the most judicious substitute for ACP and other conventional cladding solutions. Exteria™'s ability to resist heavy rains, acid rains, hail, heat, UV rays, fire, thermal shocks authenticates its 10 years warranty assertively.

Due to its weather resistant properties and low life cycle cost, the Exteria™ range has received overwhelming response from the contractors, architects, consultants, developers, industrial clients and channel partners.

Strengthening the commitment further, CenturyPly® has also introduced a technical back up, involving a qualified team of professionals to enable a complete solution which includes cost effective and efficient plan to full-fledged installation support and supervision. Its service also encompasses the training needs of the site contractors and fabricators.

MGS Architecture February 2015

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