Being an ISO 9001 & 14001 certified company and specialist in providing panel solutions to the construction, transportation industrial and interior/exterior sectors, Shri Ram Panels has carved a niche and earned a reputed status in the market due to its keen dedication for offering quality products through regular upgradation. Its brand Magnus is among the top 3 brands in India in both quality and availability when specialty products are taken into account. Over the years, the company has been able to garner and augment the clientele base manifolds by offering quality products and responding to their requirements promptly.


Magnus is a premium grade COMPREG plywood, which conforms to the standards of IS:3513:1989 and used extremely high pressure hydraulic hot presses to produce this product. Basically, this plywood is known as Resin Treated Composed Wood Laminates and made by thin layers of wood veneers and thermosetting plastic phenol or cresol formaldehyde resins.

CHCP (Compression Heating Cooling Process) is used for the production of COMPREG Plywood which has good mechanical properties with remarkable resistance to corrosion agents and is termite proof. In composing process, the veneer layers are impregnated by thermosetting resin in to impregnator or spray process, thereafter dry once again to control the moisture contents at low temperature hot air environment to avoid the scorching through bend dryer. After treating and drying, the layers are composed manually to make a bunch as per required thickness and density between stainless steel 304 grade mould plates and load into hydraulic compression molding hot press for its curing together at certain temperature, hydraulic pressure for certain curing time and then circulate the cold water through platen to make it cool.

COMPREGS are classified in the following grades: Electrical Grade (Part-I), Chemical Grade (Part-II) and General Purpose Grade (Part-III).

The plywood has strong screw holding capacity, used to making boxes for the heavy equipment, electrical transfor- mers, storage boxes, marine decks & cabins etc. COMPREG plywood can also be used for manufacturing of pallets for industrial application and railways berths & seats. It finds application in general engineering, textile and jute industry, and also at atomic plant installation. COMPREG are finding increasing uses as neutron shielding material too.

NBMCW July 2012

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