Everest Wall Solutions
Everest Industries Limited, established in 1934, has transformed from a roofing products company into an organization that offers a wide range of solutions for all building construction needs. The company plans to be the deepest penetrated housing and building solutions provider to deliver strength, speed and safety to its customers in all its target markets.

Everest offers a complete range of building solutions viz. roofing, ceilings, walls, flooring, cladding, doors and pre- engineered steel buildings for the industrial, commercial and residential sector. Everest wall solutions help you build your imagination by allowing you to transform your concept into reality and have the finish of your choice.

Everest Wall Boards

Everest wall boards are synonymous with hassle free and speedy wall solutions. These boards are made using the revolutionary HPSC technology. This unique technology makes these boards’ totally moisture- resistant, termite- and fire- resistant. These boards are ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial usage.

Everest wall boards in combination with different substrate framework like timber, steel and aluminum, offer unique advanced dry wall constructions, which leverage space utilization to the maximum with substantial savings on time. Everest wall boards gives architects the flexibility of changing designs with thermal and acoustic insulation besides being maintenance free and highly durable.

Everest wall boards provide both uniform gap/groove and monolithic joint finish (using specially made beveled-edged boards). These wall systems allow you to do the finishes with paints, veneers, wall papers, and so on.

Everest Designer Wall Boards

Everest Wall Boards

Everest designer wall boards provide aesthetically appealing solutions along with strength and durability. Walls made out of these boards are fire-resistant, termite-proof and moisture-resistant making them unique walling and paneling solutions for residential, commercial and institutional use.

Everest designer wall boards are self-embossed, pre-primered, and ready to paint. This offers you excellent base to give final paint or polish finishes.

The key areas of application are internal walls (half height/ full height) and internal wall lining/ paneling.

Everest Heavy Duty Wall Boards

Everest heavy duty wall boards help create both internal and external walls that are impact-resistant, load-bearing and require minimal maintenance. They are ideally suited for commercial and industrial applications.

These boards are exceptionally stable in dimension and offer resistance to damages caused by permanent dampness or seepages. They are excellent for all kinds of internal wet area lining especially in the residential segment.

The key areas of application are internal walls (high traffic/Impact prone areas residential/commercial/industrial), wet area lining-kitchen, bathrooms, external walls (non load bearing/load bearing walls residential/commercial/industrial cladding walls in warehouses/factories, pre fabricated shelter- internal/external walls.

Everest Solid Wall Panels

Everest solid wall panels are a revolutionary dry wall solution that maintains the solid effect of a conventional brick or block wall. They offer:
  • Speed– 20 times faster
  • SpaceSpace–– 3 to 5% additional
  • Light weight– 90% lighter than brick/block wall
  • Fire Rated : 2 hours
Everest solid wall panels are sandwich panels made out of FRACC and everest wall boards. Their unique tongue- and groove- joining system facilitates rapid construction and maximizes space utilization.

It has all intrinsic properties in terms of durability, fire resistance, thermal and acoustic insulation relevant to any wall construction. Everest solid wall panels epitomize an extremely speedy and elegant wall solution that is compatible with a host of surface finishing choices like paint, veneers, texture coating and wall paper.

Key areas of application are internal walls (residential/commercial/industrial), external walls (cladding walls in warehouses/factories), pre–fabricated shelter (internal/ external walls).

MGS Architecture July - August 2009

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