Parul Mittal, Whole Time Director, Greenlam Industries
Weathered and beaten interiors in the true distressed form is the way to go, writes Parul Mittal, Whole Time Director, Greenlam Industries

Modern rustic interiors are the new cool. Everyone today wants to embrace rustic charm and warmth with modern amenities. There is so much one can do with this trend called ‘distressed’. This style has an informal elegance – comfortable and new age living at its best! It is a trend that adds character, drama and an interesting look and feel to one’s home. So, experiment and increase your interior glam quotient.

Get Contemporary
Distressed Veneer - Greenlam Industries
Raw finishes are versatile and look attractive; the old yet new look of ‘distressed’ comes in its finest worn out look. With its rustic and rugged, yet sophisticated character, it also incorporates the feeling of the outdoors. It highlights distressed wood finish and organic patterns that bring a sense of tranquillity in the environment.

The charm and warmth of a rustic dwelling, with all the conveniences and style of a modern home can be paired with subdued colours for an elegant contemporary look. Brightly-coloured or wallpapered walls don’t belong in a rustic modern interior. To gain maximum out of this style, keep your walls white, or cover them in a natural material like wood or stone. Keep your furniture pieces classy. Mid-century pieces are perfect for this style — the unadorned leather and wood is a perfect material match.

As for the kitchen, use clean, minimalistic looks like black and whites when paired with distressed veneers.

Style Secrets
When you choose furnishings and objects with strong, slightly rough profiles they create a distinctive finish and break the monotony. Though, if you want to tighten the look, it is always recommended to mix a few sleek surfaces. Simple, clean designs keep this space cohesive but allow the rustic notes to come through.

Distressed Veneer - Greenlam Industries

Reclaimed veneers; hammered, distressed and tarnished metals, and wavy or seeded glass blend together in a distinctively layered way. The rustic palette which is woodsy can be played with jewel tones and flirty pastels. This does not mean that you must stick to only browns. There’s always room for a few doses of mixing and matching with brighter, clearer colours and textures like chevrons, ginghams and denims as well. Feel free to take a bit of a risk with accents such as offbeat lighting and decorative displays to complete the look.

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