Peter Bradfield

The natural ambiance of wood products makes it a premier choice in homes, workplaces and community facilities.
Peter Bradfield, Technical Advisor, Canadian Wood

Wooden furniture, doors, windows and other wood interior designs are commonplace in Indian homes and businesses. Whether you are an architect, interior designer, turnkey contractor, solid wood products manufacturer or real estate developer, FII India's world-class team of wood experts will assist with information and technical advice on how best to use certified, sustainable wood from Canada in varied projects or product lines. The team of wood specialists will help choose the right specie, grade and size of lumber depending on the intended end-use.

Lumber made from British Columbia wood species is produced for either the structural or appearance market. In the appearance market, the durability, grain, colour and amount of clear lumber is important. For the structural market, lumber grades are applied to each piece of lumber produced so that the buyer knows that he is getting a product consistently graded to a standard.

Grades take into account the size and location of defects, as well as the suitability of the piece of lumber for the end use for which it is intended. The National Lumber Grades Authority ( is the guiding body for structural grades in North America. A number of organisations are authorised to certify that Canadian lumber matches the NLGA standards. The intent of the grading system is to provide lumber users with assurance that products meet a set criteria and performance standards.

The coastal forests of British Columbia where Western Hemlock, Douglas-fir, Western Red Cedar and Yellow-Cedar are grown offer more opportunities for a wider variety of lumber sizes, final moisture content and surface quality finishes. In addition, the lumber produced from this coastal region has a wider variety of grades, including both structural and appearance grades.

Creating awareness
Under the 'Try Canadian Wood' initiative potential customers are provided with a small trial quantity of wood with our technical assistance, free of charge. Customers use this trial wood specie for their project or product line. This is the most ideal way to experiment and understand its numerous advantages. Customers can also visit FII India's Display Centre in the heart of Mumbai to meet their team of wood experts and view products made out of Canadian Wood by Indian manufacturers.

FII India also promotes its products through various seminars, exhibitions, tradeshows where potential customers have the opportunity to interact with the team on a one-on-one basis. To meet the needs of a growing market for wood products in India, we also support Indian consumers to procure British Columbia wood species by either establishing trade relationships with Canadian lumber companies or sourcing the wood locally.

Canadian Wood
Douglas-fir rustic furniture in a SPF pre-fabricated home on display in 9 Wooden Homes, Bengaluru

Why wood remains the natural choice
  • Wood is a truly renewable resource that is grown by the sun
  • In B.C. if forests are cut down to harvest wood new trees are planted to renew the resource for the long term
  • It brings warmth, spirituality, and connection to nature into our living spaces
  • As a versatile material, it enables us to maintain traditional looks, or create modern sleek designs
  • Wood mitigates the effects of climate change by taking carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in its cells throughout its life
  • Life cycle analysis and scientific studies have shown that using renewable resources such as Canadian Wood helps the environment over the long term when compared to other materials, and compared to wood that is not sourced from sustainably managed forests.

MGS Architecture July 2016

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