Sound Insulation

Texsa's "Tecsound" is a unique sound insulation material for air born and impact noise reduction.

S "Tecsound" is very effective to cut off low frequency noises which are difficult to control. This product has been effectively used in many multiplexes, recording studios in India. Currently, it is being installed on metal deck in Thyagaraja Stadium, New Delhi for reducing the rain impact noise. This has also been used in major airports like Barcelona, Heathrow and Singapore for the same purpose.

Tecsound is a high density visco elastic synthetic polymer based sound insulation membrane used for air borne and impact noise reduction having applications in Walls, Flooring, Ceiling and Roofing. Tecsound has a maximum thickness of 5 mm whereby it does not increase the system thickness and insulates across the whole frequency of sound especially the lower frequencies. The acoustical performance combined with the thinness of Tecsound, ease of application on any substrate makes it the product of choice for many Acoustical consultants and Architects. Tecsound finds applications in Architectural as well as Industrial Acoustics like Theatres, Multiplexes, Stadia, Airports, Offices, Hospitality, Anechoic Chambers, Audiometric Rooms, MEP and Engine Rooms, etc. Besides being fire retardant, Tecsound contains 68% recyclable content and is 100% recyclable. Some of the prestigious projects executed in India are Delhi International Airport, Tyagaraja Stadium, Yash Raj Studio, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Reliance, and so forth.

NBMCW October 2010

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