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INSUflex, by Supreme Industries, is a CFC-free, black flexible elastomeric closed cell Nitrile Rubber thermal insulation that provides a highly efficient method of insulation and effectively controls condensation against both heat loss and heat gain. The material is particularly suitable for insulating pipe works for condensation control. It can be used on chilled water pipe lines, refrigerated pipe-works, hot & cold water services and on sheets or rolls in air-conditioning ductworks.

INSUflex, has a very high diffusion resistance factor to water vapour transmission ≥7000, a low thermal conductivity and an excellent fire safe performance. It is suitable for a temperature ranging from –55°C to +105°C. The product does not depend on any additional outer thick skin or covering but is in built with the insulation and extends through the full thickness.

INSUflex Piping-Insulation

The INSUflex range is resistant to corrosion, fungal and mildew growth and is therefore very suitable for clean room applications. Insulation material with a low 'K' value equates to a high energy saving potential and thermal performance. Thermal conductivity is the main data used to technically calculate insulation thickness required to prevent condensation.

The main goal of a good insulation material should be that of preventing water vapour from spreading through insulation material as water is an optimal heat conductor. INSUflex, having a high water vapour resistance can prevent the flow of water vapour that tends to pass through the insulating material created in air-conditioning systems as a result of a difference in pressure between the pipe (low pressure) and the surrounding air temperature (high pressure). A high water vapour value corresponds to greater material resistance to water vapour penetration.


INSUflex is available in combinations of various wall thicknesses and diameters to suit G.I., copper and PVC pipes. The product is applied to the surface using an adhesive compound. A protective layer of glass cloth, in two layers with an adhesive compound is then applied before providing a weather barrier for outdoor application.

The advantage of INSUflex is that it provides good flexibility at low temperature. It is clean, dust-free and the installation is fast and easy. It has a low toxicity index and becomes a minimal toxic fire hazard. Its unique closed cell structures provide an ideal vapour barrier resistance.

NBMCW June 2013

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