Mr. Alok Aggarwal,
MD - Ozone Overseas
Glass has become an elementary and dominating component of any building today that not only provides modern & sophisticated appearance but also imparts functional value-adds to it. As such, modern day building structures are increasingly adopting the concept of using Glass Facades that makes the structure stand out from a design point of view. Transparent glass facades also serve to create a concept of space and openness giving it the signature of modern design. Since glass is a lighter building material as compared to others, any glass structure or façade thereby reduces the burden on the foundation. Glass facades are relatively maintenance-free and durable. The use of glass promotes the overall environment-friendliness of a building by ensuring energy conservation, protection from heat and cold, transparency or translucency, apart from building's durability and safety.


Having featured all that a glass façade can render in terms of beautification and usage, it is very necessary to understand that all charm of such a structure can be lost in case of the slightest negligence while selecting the hardware fittings & constructing it. Hence it becomes indispensible to follow the norms that have been laid down for raising a safe and viable façade structure. Architectural Hardware fittings used for creating such glass facades play a vital role for ensuring a long life with good aesthetics of a building for years. To enable façade engineers, designers & architects to create sustainable buildings with glass facades, Ozone offers a wide range of façade fittings (Spider Fittings) and canopy fittings. Ozone, a leading Architectural Hardware Solution provider, has been helping, the façade design experts for years to deliver buildings with unique shapes and sizes which make their building design standout among the rest.



These Spider Fittings from Ozone are available in a series of designs which come with and/or without fins. These include: the Designer Series, the Vertical Series, the Standard Series, and the Slotted Series – all available with compatible specifications for modern structures and designed for different usages. A team of experienced engineers at Ozone can design & develop the façade fittings as per customized requirements as well. All these fittings pass through stringent test methods for their quality, durability, and sustainability. For a sustainable building structure, it is vital to choose the fittings prudently and as per the highest quality standards. Ozone not just provides quality architectural hardware fittings, but also supervises the project from start to completion ensuring a hassle-free execution and timely completion of the project.

"Customer satisfaction has always been the ultimate goal. Ozone offers customized solutions also for all façade & canopy requirements along with all regular endeavors. Our team can provide all necessary suggestions on the type of spider fittings to be used on a particular façade structure" commented Mr. Alok Aggarwal, Managing Director - Ozone Overseas.

MGS Architecture May 2013

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