True Performance Needs the Power of Two; Get Double Cylinder Floor Spring from Ozone

Double cylinder Floor Spring
Ozone, the innovator of the revolutionary Ozone Plus - Concealed Floor Spring, brings to you Double Cylinder Floor Spring-the perfect mechanism for smooth & enduring performance of your doors. This Floor Spring is suitable for heavy doors and high footfall areas such as malls, showrooms, hotels, restaurants, banks and hospitals. To move these heavy doors, door mechanism should be equipped with Power of two for delivering true performance. Ozone's Double Cylinder Floor Spring is loaded with power of two cylinders, each equipped with hydraulic spring mechanism.Double Cylinder Floor Spring comes with double action function and easy adjustment of closing & latching speed. It is offered in 04 variants for different door weight and closing force requirement. Double Cylinder floor spring is the right fit for door weight upto 270kgs. with other features like:A. Opening Angle-130o on both sides, B. Closing & latching speed easily adjustable with valves;C.5 lac cycles (operation) tested, D. UL & CE certification.

Many a times a wrong selection can lead to door malfunction, failure of floor spring (hydraulic system) & even tight or loseopening of the door. So make the right choice of Floor Spring for optimum door functionality. Ozone offers a wide range offloor springs for different types of doors. Selection of floor spring is done based on door weight, door size, and door traffic.

MGS Architecture August 2013

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