Power Adjustable Floor Spring
Power Adjustable Floor Spring is the latest addition in the Ozone Floor Spring range. This high quality Floor Spring comes with power adjustable feature which allows adjustment of the closing and opening Power of the spring in the floor spring itself. So now the same floor spring can be used for a 65 kg door as well as 200 kg door. This Floor Spring offers the advantage of adjusting the door alignment with the existing structure where the door, after installation, can not only be adjusted left or right but also up and down – enabling a perfect installation of the door.

This new power adjustable floor spring from Ozone is smaller in size than normal floor springs that ensure better aesthetics of the living space. Now with Power adjustable floor spring even heavy doors can also be moved with soft touch or less force.


  • Power Adjustable from Size 1 to 4
  • Slim type design having a width of 82mm
  • Suitable for door weights from 65 kg. to 200 kg.
  • Adjustable Sweep (Closing) speed and Latching speed
  • Worldwide quality tested having UL and CE Certification
  • Hold open at 90 degree (105 degree hold open on special order also available)

Power Adjustable Floor Spring

MGS Architecture July 2013

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