ozone wooden door spring
After the storming success of Ozone's revolutionary innovation, the Ozone plus -Concealed floor spring for glass door is now also available for wooden doors. Keeping the aesthetical requirement of customers in mind, Ozone has now developed Ozone Plus Concealed Floor Spring for your wooden door that comes in a super slim size. This next generation door closing technology is loaded with an in-built hydraulic mechanism for better functionality of your door along with reflecting higher aesthetics. It requires no cutting or digging of the floor, hence making its installation very simple and easy. This is a double action floor spring that features a maximum opening angle of 150O for left and right opening of the door and comes with a hold open option at 90O. With closing & braking speed adjustment feature, this floor spring comes with a base seat for easy adjustment of backward, forward, left and right alignment of your door. High in efficiency and smooth in movement, the Ozone Plus Concealed Floor Spring is a worldwide patented product, EN 1154 certified and 05 lac cycles tested.

MGS Architecture November 2013

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