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Architecture has many facets. The business card of a building however is its entrance. A sophisticated entry plays a representative role; it serves as evidence of a company's style. The entrance to a building is often one of its most important design elements adding individual character to the exterior. Most importantly, entrances function as an important point of focus, transition, and entry for each visitor.


The Berlin Parliament

Architect: Lord Norman Foster
The sketch for the refurbishment of the Berlin Reichstag originated from Lord Norman Foster's drawing board, and the relevant automatic door systems came from Blasi. The distinctive, highlighted, and conspicuous landmark is the accessible glass dome, which personifies transparency and technical perfection. Naturally, extraordinary entrance areas were expected accordingly and realized by Blasi. One example are the bullet-proof 4 metre high, partly curved door leaves with a weight of 800 kg and concealed drive unit.

City Point, London

london city point

Architects: Santiago Calatrava Valls / John Shreevers & Partners, London

Fully automatic all-glass VITRO revolving door is drive unit concealed in the basement ceiling and connected by means of continuous drive shaft. The drum walls consist of a single piece of glass. All visible components are in satin stainless steel finish.

Munich Airport

munich airport
Architects: Alba, Grünwald

Diameter: 5140 mm & Passage height: 2500 mm fully automatic revolving door with offset pelmet and glass canopy and concealed underfloor drive unit. Constructed around an existing concrete pillar. Turnstile leaves with swing door facility. Drum walls connected to glass canopy using point fixings. All visible parts are in stainless steel finish.

Angular Door Systems

Angular Door Systems

Right angle corners of buildings could be a suitable entrance for Retail & Showrooms where visitors can enter from 2 directions. It also lets open the corner space which is otherwise built up or glazed.

The system can be manufactured to suit variable angular degrees from 90-270.

Linear door
BLASI & Record entrance systems which are represented in India by M/s.Accura Bautek Pvt Ltd. offers wide range of products in the country including Linear Sliding & Linear Telescopic sliding door systems for standard applications. The profile covers width starting from 108mm offer sleek appearance to the openings and are adaptable for various models.

All record & Blasi products are manufactured in Switzerland & Germany respectively, confirming to stringent quality standards ensuring to supply products of uniform quality across the world.

In India Record products are installed & serviced by regional channel partners who are trained to deliver the quality architects & investors need for the projects.

MGS Architecture May 2014

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