Airport Security Entrance

A well designed, aesthetically appealing, Functionally impressive, and technically perfect entrance system, made from high grade materials makes a strong statement for any building. The type, shape & size of an entrance depend on the architect's design requirements and circumstances surrounding each situation. Shape is always a result of function since function consists of far more than mere mechanical processes.

The world of automatic door systems: we like to re-invent it time and again for our clients with individually tailored solutions at the very centre. Each stand alone bespoke solution complements the respective architectural style. The outcome of this approach is an almost infinite number of creative possibilities. It is our intention to introduce you to this variety – from door to door.

RECORD also offers mass market products & Sliding Door Systems with Overhead operators – A budget-friendly options to create exciting entrances. RECORD extended range offers Architects, Glaziers & End users with options where they can maximize the space utility, match entrances systems to Façade design & get the full functional advantage of any desired entrance.

The scenario in India is also in transition mode- catching up to international levels, it was once a market with standard models being specified & installed for any type of application. Due to the limited product range the choice for architects & designers was severely restricted to conventional models both in terms of shape & size.

RECORD & BLASI Door Systems now offer a wide range of products in India to address this challenge. Architects, Consultants, Glazing contractors & even end-users can choose the best entrance systems that suit the application & purpose.

All record & Blasi products are manufactured in Switzerland & Germany respectively, confirming to stringent quality standards ensuring to supply products of uniform quality across the world.

BLASI & Record entrance systems are represented in India by M/s.Accura Bautek Pvt Ltd.

Greater London Assembly (GLA)

Greater London Assembly

Located on the river Thames close to Tower Bridge, the GLA building represents one of the most distinctive and striking new buildings within the City of London. The architectural transparency is reflected in the two 4.5 metre high revolving doors with concealed underfloor drive and patented emergency escape function. Shifting of the drum walls allows the opening width to be increased considerably.

Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport
Sliding Door with Concave / Convex shaped glass.
A unique solution matching the architect's design criteria for the airport building which is among the busiest hubs in the world. With BLASI as the choice – the high construction quality of the door ensures smooth operation over the years dealing with high passage thoroughfare.

Radial / Curved Sliding Systems

Curved Sliding System
Record curved automatic sliding door for special entrances enhances the elegance and style of any building. The product is suitable for all buildings used by the public where elegant looks are a top priority; can be fitted to both the inside or outside.

Convenient to use and capable of enhancing your corporate image, round and curved sliding doors distinguish any building, adding a touch of class.

Available in virtually any curvature (>180°) as semi-circular or round, it can be fitted inside or outside the building.

MGS Architecture April 2014

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