Amit Chakrabarti
Established in 2005, SAICON has developed into one of the India's leading u-PVC windows and doors related product manufacturers and suppliers, specialising in supplying u-PVC windows and doors across the India and abroad. The company is also a leading supplier of u-PVC window manufacturing machines.

uPVC Window Making Machine
Mr. Amit Chakrabarti, Managing Director, claimed, "We are the first company to develop fully portable u-PVC window manufacturing machines in India. Till date u-PVC Window making machines used to be very expensive and required factory set-ups to manufacture the windows. But now with our new range of portable machines, products can be manufactured at site as well as factory as the weight of the welding machines are very light. It's is only 21.5 Kilos, whereas the conventional welding machines weigh around 300 Kilos. But due to its small size it does not compromise with the quality of product as the after products are tested for strength in laboratories and have passed all necessary strength and quality tests. Portable machines are available for both Corner and 'V' type welding. We offer services for fully portable upvc window and door manufacturing plants. We have sold 850 machines in 3 years, out of which, 140 have been sold in India. We are exporting our product to over 40 countries worldwide."

colured  upvc profiles
In-fact, SAICON not only supplies fabrication machinery, but also provides holistic training and after-sales support to the prospective fabricators. "Initially, we try to find out an aspiring fabricator's objective, and then guide him accordingly. We back our offerings with comprehensive warranties."

SAICON also specializes in innovative products like high quality colour coated upvc windows and doors. Mr. Amit Chakrabarti said "People are getting bored with the same white colour of upvc windows, so we developed colour coated upvc profiles to make upvc windows and doors with a extremely durable exterior grade formulation for the extreme Indian climate. Currently we are having 24 beautiful shades available with us but we can also make custom colour coatings according to client demands. We offer clients with complete windows and doors solutions from imagination to satisfaction"

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