LED Carves Out A Niche in Lighting Biz

Aditya Malik
Mr. Aditya Malik,
Director, Glow Green Energy Ltd.
LED lights which has been making its place in the Indian market for the last 2-3 years; now shown that it has a bright future in lighting business. In the recent times, the prices of LED products have gone down further which can be justified seeing the appreciation of the Indian consumers for the LED based products.

I was really surprised to see few vegetable vendors in the local market using LED based lamps. Glow Green Energy Ltd introduced its LED based products few years back and did not expect that LED products could be afforded by a roadside vegetable seller so fast, considering the higher costs of the lights at that time.

LED Lights
Rapidly changing market has however brought in a lot of optimism in LED manufacturers. There has been significant development in number of products. New products/ retrofits are being introduced in the market at a much faster pace. In fact, Glow Green Energy has introduced 5 new products in its LED range last month.

Along with major A category companies which are driving the LED growth market by using LED lights in their 24hr running factories, middle class average consumers have also become a major part of the market by using LED lights in their homes.

Pricing Difference

Since, Glow green has been dealing with both kinds of customers, we have observed that 90% of the prospective customers face major dilemma over the pricing of the products. Similar products are available with major difference in prices from different sellers. Now a small difference is understandable to the buyer that if a down lighter is sold at Rs.350 and similar looking down lighter is available at Rs.70 at a local electrical shop, a pyramid of doubt is built in buyers' mind. Now he doubts that if the seller who is giving the same product at Rs.350 is trying to cheat him. We're sure that most of you reading this column might have faced the same situation and will understand what we're trying to say.
This brings me to the next point, what customers today need to understand is that apple-to-apple comparison is a must when buying an LED products. They may look similar but it is vital to go through their technical specifications and make sure what the seller is selling actually. Quality of components being used is a major factor in deciding for how long the product will last. Saying it is warranted for x number of years and actually getting the service and the warranty could be two very different things today with n number of sellers coming up every day. So, words of caution here, first check and then buy.
LED Lamps


BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir
BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir AtlantaIllumination with color mixing LED fixtures
The increased demand of LED products has encouraged manufacturers to spend more on their R & D. This has improved the practical usage of the products. Products are now designed as per architectural requirements and their technically necessities. Different people different needs, so this is now taken care of.

It is now understood that few years down the line only LED lights will be used and conventional lights being used today will slowly go off. So idea is to prepare ourselves to be able to replace conventional lights in every area. So, get set, a lot more to come.

LED Light Bulbs Availability

Two words access and innovation. With the boom in e-commerce LED products have become available at various websites at the click of the mouse.

Glow Green has put remarkable efforts to make LED lights reachable to every consumer by providing products with good quality drivers. Benefits gained from increased production quantity has been passed onto the consumers in the form of lowering of selling prices.

For industries, ESCO programme has been a major confidence builder. Client has to pay nothing on upfront basis but the whole amount can be paid out of electricity monthly savings.

So let's hope that this growth will keep up and things will keep on improving day-by-day.
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