Importance of Self-drilling Fasteners in Metal Buildings
Very often we tend to forget the importance of self-drilling fasteners in our metal buildings.

As a matter of fact, fasteners are always purchased in the end. In a hurry, we always tend to neglect the fact that the entire Pre-engineered Building is dependent on the fasteners used, both aesthetically and durability wise.

There are numerous brands of fasteners available in the market claiming to be in compliance with the Australian Standards of AS 3566 Class 3 with 1000hrs of SST (salt spray test), but what people fail to understand is that the only requirement for a fastener to be classified as a genuine class 3 product.

The answer is a BIG NO. For a fastener to be classified as a class 3 product, it has to go through the following tests:
  1. 1000hrs of salt spray test as per AS 2331.3.1 (this is the most basic test a fastener goes through)
  2. 1000hrs of 100% humidity exposure as per ASTM D 2247
  3. 2000hrs of UV condensation exposure as per ASTM G 154
  4. 15 cycles kesternich as per DIN 50018 SFW 2.05S
Only after passing through these tests successfully, a fastener can attain Class 3 standards.

A genuine class 3 fastener is vital for a pre-engineered building because, it prevents corrosion on the metal roofing and cladding sheets as well.

We all know that once the fasteners start rusting, it spreads on to the sheets as well; therefore by choosing the right fastener, the life of the building can also be prolonged.

The scratch shield on the fastener is not just for aesthetic purpose, it is mainly to avoid scratches on the body of the fastener caused by the sheet while drilling. The scratch shield basically widens the hole and allows the fastener to go in smoothly and the upper threads of the fastener, which are again wider than the lower threads, helps the fastener to have a tight hold on the sheet, allowing the sheet to be intact when walked up on.

The Levin drill point is the most outstanding feature in Corroshield self-drilling fastener. It is specially designed so that it reduces the slipping of fasteners on the sheet and provides a perfect 90 degrees angle while drilling. Because the fastener does not slip and are completely steady while drilling, it also increases the productivity considerably by 30%.

Importance of Self-drilling Fasteners in Metal Buildings

The head of Corroshield fasteners is Hex Washer Flanged head with EPDM washers. This avoids the use of extra metal bonded washers and gives a 100% leak proof warranty. While using bonded washer; when there is an overdrive, the washer tends to bend in a U- shape, allowing small gaps between the fastener and the sheet, from where the water enters. Therefore, by using Corroshield Hex Washer Flanged head, this can be avoided and eliminated.

Corroshield understands all these aspects while manufacturing the fasteners and that is why we come out with the best-designed and quality products, so that all our prestigious clients need not stay awake at night, having full confidence that the roofs of the projects they have worked on Will Never Leak nor CORRODE.

Being in the market for over 12 years, Corroshield has not received even a single complaint or grievance pertaining to the dimensional specs of the fastener or the quality of the coating or anything related.

Which is the best Warranty Certificate a manufacturer or a distributor can provide.

Which is the way we say in full confidence, when you choose Corroshield, you are choosing THE BEST.

Come join us in "Making India CORROsionshield."

MGS Architecture July-August 2011